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Friday, September 28, 2007

Something is Up in the Kimkins Cause

Ducky, The Truth, Kimkins Sucks, and Kimkins Dangers...they're all grinning and winking. And the energetic ladies at the LCF are changing their avatars to grins.

Something is up. Stay tuned.

(Hope CarolinaRose doesn't mind I borrowed her avatar for this.)

(above originally posted at 3:11 PM on Friday)
Edited to Ad: I just sent email to Google Adwords regarding their ads for Kimkins. I protested the ads and requested they be disallowed and banned. Add your voice. Do a google search on "Kimkins" and you'll see the ad is the first one on the right side, top. Kimkins Controversy has the information on how to contact Google AdWords and protest with the pertinent information on Kimmer/Kimkins. Do it today.


Edited Yet Again to Add: Oops. Misread Ducky's cues. Calm down. All is calm, literally.


Lady T said...

i have FIANLLY gotten around to researching this "craze" and am shocked.

the only information i had before was pure hearsay from other bloggers.....i am praying for everyone who has been pulled into this program that they can get out and that they can come to the sense of their selves before its too late.

No Kimkins said...

Heidi Diaz is a scam artist and its a wonderful thing that so many bloggers and forums are pulling together to expose her. Hopefully people will make educated decisions based on the overwhelming amount of information available. Thanks for doing your part!