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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Made it Through Yesterday's Cravings

Call me sleeping beauty:

I just woke up after sleeping for....wait for it....


I've been trying to reset my schedule from nite owl to day sparrow.

My normal rhythm is nite owl. Even as a kid, I was never a morning person. But my sister's birthday is Saturday, and we want to do stuff with her, so here I am, waking up at an hour when I usually go to bed.

It was a bit complicated doing it (took days of finagling with my sleep schedule). Let's see how long I can keep it up. I'm hoping a long time. I'm hoping through Christmas.

I can hope big. :)

To update from my last entry:

I calmed down considerably yesterday after I posted about the snack attack. The second breakfast helped ENORMOUSLY. For lunch, I had a low-fat, high-fiber burrito (delivered from a healthful food delivery service), and the combination of oatmeal in the second breakfast and black beans and brown rice in the lunch totally calmed down my appetite. I even had enough calories in the day to enjoy a nice low-fat, no sugar tiramisu that was FABULOUS and felt completely like a decadent treat.

I stayed so full from the combination of fiberful meals that I didn't get hungry enough to have supper. So, I didn't. Totally skipped the baked chicken parmesan with asparagus and broccoli that was my dinner meal from the delivery service. And I had the calories to spare for it. (It was only like 300 calories).

I'll be taking my meds now and going to do bathroomy grooming stuff, then I'll weigh-in.

My only regret was not exercising at all yesterday.

But, hey, one battle won.

And special thanks to Lady T for the prayer and good wishes and to Chubby Chick for the kind comments. Hope today is fabulous for us all.

(And a second hug to Chubby Chick, who is having a hard day. I'll be praying for peace to sweep over you.)


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