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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Go Away, Goblin and Ogre! Hello, Mercy!

I see from my comments to yesterday's post that both Chubby Chick and Lady T had the Overeating Ogre and the Gobbling Goblin paying them visits.

They get around, don't they?

To all those struggling: God's blessing upon you this day. He loves us, fat or thin. He listens, happy or sad.

Be good to yourself. Be kind to your spirit. Don't abuse yourself with cruel talk. Say, "I am able to overcome all things. I am powerful. I am a person of worth and value. Food does not define me. Neither does fat. It's just one more hurdle to overcome. And we will overcome."

Eat fruits and veggies. Drink your water. Sing a happy song. Go for a stroll and breathe open air.

And if you overcame your pangs yesterday or do overcome them today, let me know what you did.

Special shout-out to Scale Junkie, who's been there. Paint my nails, huh? :)

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