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Friday, September 21, 2007

Most Fun Anti-Kimkins Site Bar None!

I am literally having to reach for my asthma inhaler. This had my husband coming into the office to see what was up, cause I was ROARING with laughter. Now, I wheeze.

Borat Does Kimkins

The voice is perfect. I read it out loud--between bellows of hilarity--in the 'Borat' voice. If you've seen the Borat film, do it in Borat voice out loud. Trust me. It adds to the fun.

I cannot wait for the next Borat/Kimkins post. All that laughing and rolling burns calories!

Plus, with all the dire Kimkins stuff, the humor is a healthy tonic.

Edited 9/22 to Add: If you want more Kimmer-humor, visit the amusing Ozzified recap at Psychic Rations. Go on, burn those calories with guffaws.

1 comment:

Teale said...

HAHAHAHAAHA I *love* Borat, this is hysterical!!!