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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kimmer told Jimmy Moore ...

that she was Heidi Diaz. Here's the comment from Becky's excellent THE PERFECT STORM Part 1 blog entry:

Excellent work, Becky! Actually, I will add one thing to what you wrote: When I requested my affiliate sales be sent by check and not PayPal, "Kimmer" admitted at that time that she was really Heidi Diaz but "Shhhh, don't tell anyone. It's our secret."

Then when she told me her name really is Kimmer and that Heidi Diaz is her cousin in in July, this flip-flop in her story was one of the major issues that made me grow concerned enough to break all ties with her fake identity and suspicious diet plan once and for all.

In light of all that has happened since, I'm glad I did. Keep up the great work, Becky!

Kimmer is vehemently denying she's Heidi. Heidi gets the checks, you see? And, well, we all know to FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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