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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another KimKins Diet Horror Story

Read the entry posted by Julie at A Running Jewel. It's the same story many have been reporting--how Kimkins' "Kimmer" (Heidi Diaz) encouraged starvation dieting (less than 500 calories a day, even down to ZERO calories), eating disorder type of weight loss behavior (cutting down, and down, and down if there wasn't daily loss), and laxative use. And members got the privilege of paying SIXTY BUCKS for her to tell them to starve and gulp Ex-Lax. SIXTY bucks. 40,000 members.

You do the math on how much KimKins was raking in to give dangerous, eating-disorder diet counsel.

And I hope the California and federal authorities are looking into this. Please look into this woman's financial records and her online behavior. The evidence alleges fraud (convincingly), including a couple of former partner/members mentioning Heidi using numerous aliases, one being an alias that allowed her to grab extra cuts of the financial pie. She also never supplied an e-book promised upon sign-up a part of the package. (You out there, here, sign the petition.)

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iportion said...

I was reading a free board where Kimmer was giving advice last night. The advice was so bad and she had loads of people treating her like this uber expert when most of the info she gave was harmful.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Scary, huh? There are none so blind, as they say. :(

The Princess