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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Visual Examples:
Controlled Portions & Healthful Choices

Over at the Pudge Budge, totegirl uploads photos of her meals.

Note the portions. Note the high veggie content. Note the WEIGHT on the sidebar.

Bonus: She offers some vegetarian recipes that are super easy. Cool.

Hot Thick Chick has also posted pics of her portions. I have to say, her pics made my mouth water. Mmmmm. And I like that she uses an attractive plate. (I can't eat on paper plates. I need pretty stuff.)

Again, the portions, while more generous than some, look bigger cause she eats LOTS Of veggies (and they look fabulous, those grilled ones, mmmmm). And look at her pic. She's a babe! (Isn't that dress to die for?) Her eating plan is definitely working, seems like. :)

Living To Feel Good--who started this pic-o-rama--posted her meals. Hers are making me hungry. So, I better go eat breakfast.

So, anyone tech-savvy and wanna upload a day's meals?

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Teale said...

Hi there! I found your blog through someone else's, and I definately enjoy it:) I plan to check out those links & continue reading you!