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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quickie Weight Update: Red Guest Arrives

Well, the Red Guest arrived, so that weigh-in yesterday (284.0) was indeed a visit from the Bloat Troll.

Here's today's number:


Next weigh-in will be on my spanking new Tanita scale that I ordered from Drugstore.Com.

I needed one that was wider, sturdier, and with easier to read numbers. I was getting wrinkles from squinting at the read-out on my current one. And I was always at risk of topping off it. On the plus side, it reads in .2 increments, not just .5. A bit of refining in the measurements.

Oh, and I measured my waist and hips today. One inch off both since I added my measurements to the sidebar. Progress!

I want to do much better for next weigh-in. All cheers and "go, go, go's" and prayers welcome.

Well, I have low-fat waffles with applesauce and egg whites on the menu for breakfast. Off I go.

Be kind to your spirit and body today. Support another dieter today. Read an encouraging Psalm or poem. Go outside and look at the sky and see how beautiful the creation of God is. Tell yourself today--several times!--that you are worthy of reaching your dreams of health and slenderness and that success will come to you. You are worthy. God created you to blossom and spread joy and hope to everyone.

Onward and Downward!


Chubby Chick said...

Congratulations on the lower number today! And good for you... you're getting a new scale!!! Yippee!!!

Teale said...

Good job on the loss today! I have a conair WW endorsed digital scale that also weighs in .2 increments. It also weighs in kilograms, and it's quite startling when you accidentaly switch it to that and step on the scale and it says you weigh 140! hahahaha