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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breakfast Burritos from Teale
and Amy's Kitchen's Customer Service

If, like Teale and me, you enjoy burritos for breakfast, then head over to her blog and get her recipe for 3 WW points burritos. (I mention my own fave burrito breakfast recipe in the comments section...more points than hers, but HUGELY filling and you get 2 veggies for the day, plus lots of fiber.)

I think breakfast burritos ROCK. And our low-carbing pals can use low-carb tortillas and low-carb veggies to make theirs. Mmmmmmm.

If you don't have time to cook in the morning, there are some breakfast burrito equivalents in the freezer section of your supermarket. The South Beach Diet Breakfast Wraps (oh, please, they're burritos!) are not bad. And the fiber count is unbelievable. Plus only 3 WW points. However, yeah, high in sodium, like so many convenience foods of this type.

Amy's Kitchen also has a breakfast burrito, but, okay, not my fave. Bland. But you might like it. (I'd recommend the South Beach one way over this one.) This one has 5 WW points. Not low-carb, though. Oh, and speaking of Amy's, they sent me replacements for the crushed soup cans. That was fast. That was cool. Props to them for customer consideration. Plus, now I can groove on that "Light in Sodium" Cream of Tomato soup. (God, I love tomato soup.)

Back to the topic at hand: Certainly, frozen products cannot and are not the fabuloso stuff you could make fresh and to your preferences at home, but they will do in a pinch. Just don't overcook in the microwave. And salsa always helps. :D

Onward and Downward!

Edited to Add: And in the late afternoon mail, I also got a bunch of coupons for free Amy's products at my local grocery store. Now, you know, that really is customer CARE. Wooo-hoooo.

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Teale said...

I also like the frozen breakfast stuff for when I'm on the run... but nothing beats the real thing;)