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Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Dub Thee, Sir Tea, Defender of the Realm

Crabby McSlacker wrote the following in an archived post from June:

Tea, though it seems a refined beverage, is nonetheless a scrappy bad-ass cancer fighter. Antioxidants, those nutritional Superheroes, are the reason.

I love tea, but this will definitely color my reaction next time I whip up some home brewed. I mean, will my cuppa have a little cape around it. Will my iced tea fly right to me?

No, really, I love the term "scrappy bad-ass"

So, go drink some more tea, and if anyone is artistically inclined, consider creating the "Hot and Cold Adventures of SuperTea and his BadAss Brew-Crew."

I'd read it.

Hey, do you take lemon or milk or do you like your hot tea plain?

Me, I'll drink my hot tea sweet, no milk. (I add milk when I need comfort reminders of childhood, but not often.) I like my iced tea sweet with lime, or lemon if no lime is about. And I like to make my own iced tea, rather than use a powder formula. And I like Sweet n Low in my iced tea and Splenda in my hot. Do not ask why? I am not even sure myself. Habit.


Zanitta said...

here it's mainly green/flavoured tea, so no milk. If I'm at home making proper tea I like milk and one sugar though.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I love the grapefruit flavored green tea that Republic of Tea puts out. I don't even miss the sweetener when I drink that.

The princess

MB said...

I used to have a very expensive coffee habit ($10/day to DD) but now I drink mostly tea. I have a combination of black and green tea with a drop of milk and one splenda. I cannot drink ice tea or coffee though. I don't know why I love them both hot but not cold. Hmmmm. I think I'll make myself a cup of tea now. Have a good night.