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Monday, September 24, 2007

Kimkins Miracles Do Happen

...all it requires is you pay her $60 to join a plan that encourages you to starve your body.

Yes, I allege on the weight of multiple testimonies and photographs that miracles need to occur for Kimkins to be a legitimately founded program and site with a legitimate creator and role model (ie. Kimmer or Heidi Diaz or Kim Drake or assorted aliases) with a medically safe (as claimed by Kimmer) eating plan for fast weight loss.

Some of those miracles would be:

1. That "Kimmer" would show herself as the svelte person she claims to be, rather than the morbidly obese scam artist that she is accused of being by, well, a whole lotta folks, including former partners , former site administrators, and former members. Several former affiliates have removed Kimkins from their sites after looking into the matter and seeing that there was a huge stench of fraud.

2. It would be a miracle if when Kimmer tells folks that the admin ability to read site member private messages has been disabled, it actually has been disabled. She's said the techs disabled it, but then a "mole" proved that it was not disabled. This has happened more than once.

3. It would be a miracle to find out who the heck those after pictures are of--the red dress woman, the tiger top woman, etc--because none of them are Kimmer/Heidi Diaz. And anyone with moderately serviceable eyesight can see that these are NOT the same person.
(pic from Psychic Rations)

4. It would be a miracle for Heidi not to be Kimmer. Again, with moderately serviceable eyesight, you could tell the before Kimmer pics are a match for the current Heidi pics. Nose. Chin. Mouth. Body proportions. Fake looking hair (ie. wigs) in similar styles. Look at the two profiles.

5. It would be a miracle if all those spanking new pro-Kimkins blogs that have cropped up are actually run by real people and not by Kimmer and her paid admins spamming the web to get more people to feed the $60 a pop habit Kimmer's developed(ie, new members suckered in to pay that to join the "club.")

6. It would be a miracle for Kimmer to finally just go in front of a news camera and admit that she lied, lied, lied and then lied some more--about losing the weight, about the non-existence of starvation mode, about her identities, about the medical acceptability and safety of laxative abuse, about the money that went to foster kids, about volunteering with blind folks, etc. This is a miracle I'd like to see.

6. It would be a miracle if the money collected for the foster kids actually went to the foster kids for the stated purpose of helping them transition to an independent life.

Here's the thing: Weight loss is not a miracle.

It's a natural process that occurs when we get control of our bad eating and sedentary habits. It's darn hard work, not a miracle. (Well, okay, God could zap you and make you skinny, but that's not usually how He works. There are more important things in the world that divine power could be used for than making you fit into a size 2 in six months.)

When Kimkins claims that you can lose weight fast--it's the truth. You can. Crash diets serve that purpose all the time. Not a miracle, though. It's called STARVING. IT's called NOT EATING ENOUGH FOOD to sustain normal functions, so the body has to cannibalize fat and muscle to survive. Yeah, go on. Eat only 500 or 800 calories a day and see if you don't lose tons of weight. But the, watch out for those wacky side effects. Any extended VLCD can make you lose tons of hair. Kimkins survivors report this. Also, this kind of diet can lead to gallstones, calcium deficiencies, kidney trouble, along with dizziness, excessive weakness, and nausea (which Kimkins decided was an optimal state and even sold t-shirts and other paraphernalia with SNATT on it, for semi-nauseious all the time.) And, worst of all for those wanting desperately to get slim, you can wreck your thyroid and your metabolism, so that you need lifelong medication and may not be able to eat normal caloric levels without gaining weight. Think about THAT.

Don't believe me? Well, hear it from the mouths of former partners and administrators and "survivors." Look at the pics a private investigator took. Read the trail. Follow the money. Listen to the personal testimonies. Google up a blog or regular web search on "Kimkins fraud" or "Kimkins Exposed" or "Kimkins Survivors" or "Kimkins Dangers" and start reading.(See links on my sidebar left, way, way down, last list there.)

There is no miracle weight loss. There are dangerous diets. Learn the difference. Or instead of weight loss heaven, you might end up in post-crash-diet hell.

The last miracle: That a person with a working brain and an sense of morality and prudence and social responsibility, after researching all the above allegations, still signs on as a Kimkinite. That would defy all the expectation of logic and reason.

NOTE: For my regular readers, understand I'm gonna be posting on this until Kimmer/Heidi is properly exposed by some news organization or legal investigations, such as the class action suit being organized. I don't want others like me to be tempted and lured in. Excuse me harping on this subject, if it bothers you. If you want to help vulnerable obese people, please post against this dangerous diet. Thanks for understanding.


Chubby Chick said...

I'm glad you post about Kimmers. That woman cannot have a conscience.

Blossom said...

I've read about this a couple of places now. I'm sad that people actually think this would work or be safe to lose weight. Unfortunately people can be so gullible. And this woman is so obviously a scam artist, it's ridiculous. The other day I saw an informercial for a new "exercise program"; it was called "Motionless Exercise". Somehow you just stood there for 7 minutes, contracting your muscles or something, and lost weight. That, to me, is also ridiculous!!!

kimkins said...

Bless you for helping others to be educated and to heal in these very confusing, often lonely times. Your caring and loving spirit is helping so many.

~Kimkins Survivors