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Monday, September 17, 2007

Princess Dieter Discovers: As Promised, An Update on ChocoPerfection

I'd mentioned that I'd let you know if the yummy low-carb, dark chocolate bars I ordered from ChocoPerfection caused trouble.

Nope. The Princess has not had gastric distress.

This is good, since I really enjoy the flavor of this bar and I really love that it's high-fiber.

Come on. Be honest. How many of you are getting to the recommended 25 to 30+ grams of fiber per day?

I make it almost every day since I went on a healthier eating plan due to my increase in eating veggies--I always ate lots of fruit and whole grain bread--and almost daily consumption of oatmeal and legumes. Beans will really up your fiber intake. But on days when you fall a bit short (say, didn't have your beans or high-fiber cereal), then you can get 14 grams from a bar of ChocoPerfection.

That much fiber means SATIETY. Yes...you feel fuller.

But it's all about taste, isn't it, chocolate lovers? Taste is king. Or in my case, Princess.

Proof that my mouth digs this: I WILL be reordering.

But make sure you look carefully at the calories and saturated fat and see how it fits into YOUR individual eating plan. A definite plus for low-carbers, and useful for chocoholics with sugar issues. Thanks, ChocoPerfection

1 comment:

Lady T said...

you've really got me wanting to try it now.....if they didnt cost sooo much. i may treat myself toward the holidays. i will definitely need healthier alternatives around that time of year bc from Thanksgiving to New Years Day is one big meal after another with cookies, cakes and pies in between.

i'm gonna need a lot of prayer to get me thru that part of the year!