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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Biggest Loser: New Season Nears

We're officially in September!

That means that soon we'll be treated to the next bout of fat folks like us competing to lose weight and win a quarter of a million bucks. The premiere of THE BIGGEST LOSER, season four, is on September 11th at 8 pm. That's a Tuesday, and it's on NBC.

But, what comes before interests me even more. On September 4th, NBC will air a "Where Are They Now?" special that visits with some past THE BIGGEST LOSER contestants. I can't wait for that one. I know that ever since I saw season one, I've wondered, "Hey, did they keep it off?"

I'm obviously not alone in wondering about the progress of contestants and winners...

TIME magazine had interest. They ran an update a couple months ago--I posted about it here on this blog--on the winner of the first season, Ryan Benson. Sadly, he had regained most of the weight. Bummer. Such hard work...poof! Gone. I wish him well in his continuing struggle with weight. Maybe by now he's lost some. TIME let us know that Kelly Minner continued to do well, staying slim. Go, Kelly!

PEOPLE magazine had interest, too. They featured a couple who met on the program: Matt and Suzy. They later wed and had a baby--YAY!--and they're still struggling with those pounds. They regained some, clearly, but not most. So, they're still ahead and I know they'll keep at it. I'm happy for them. They make a darling couple. I had been rooting for Suzy to win that second season. She married the winner. That's not bad, huh?

Celebrity Diet Doctor is interested. That site reported on Matt and Suzy (above) and on the delightful Dr. Jeff (one of my very fave contestants ever on the show). Dr. Jeff has done OUTSTANDINGLY and he looks hot! I'm so happy, cause he's a terrific person. Don't you just love to see a guy madly in love with his own wife? He would weep about his wife and kids. Nice fella. And now, great example. That site also reports on Andrea Baptiste, who looks terrific! She kept it off.

The pathetic stats on keeping weight off make the "Where Are They Now?" show one that many of the "Big" viewers will want to see. I suspect there will be more "kept it off" stories than "gained it back" stories. I hope they give stats on how everyone has done, ie. percentage who kept it off or lost more and percentage who regained most or all. That's a reality check we need. The successes cheer us on and encourage us. If they can do it...WE CAN! The ones who didn't keep it up remind us how very, very, very hard it is to lose and keep it gone. They're the cautionary note that must keep sounding in our ears, not to drown out the success and positive outlooks, but to give us a healthy dose of fear. To keep us on guard. Aware.

If they can regain it, even with all those weeks of nutritional monitoring and counseling and challenges...well...

I want to be one of the winners. I know you do, too.

One more thing: I'm happy to report, Jillian will be back for this season. While I liked Bob best in the first season. (What can I say? I prefer the gentle approach.) Jillian certainly GETS RESULTS. :)

I'll be watching. Will you?

Note: If you'd like to try out to be one of their future contestants, they've got a casting call out.

1 comment:

Chubby Chick said...

Hey, girl! Thanks for stopping by this morning. :)

This is an awesome post. I've been curious about what has happened to some of "The Biggest Loser" contestants. Thanks for the updates and links!

I totally agree with you...Dr. Jeff was one of my favorites! I practically fell in love with that man myself when I saw how much he loved his wife and children. I think I cried every time he cried. lol

One thing for sure... maintenance is no walk in the park. I've been thinking about that alot lately. I'm beginning to realize that once I achieve my goal, I'm going to have to work equally hard at keeping the weight off. But I don't think about it too often right now... because it's a bit overwhelming. lol

Oh well... we're all in this together. And with each other's support and encouragement... we WILL succeed!

Hope you're having a great day! :)