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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and the Dress....Feeling Feminine!

I got to wear--finally--my 9West dress for Mother's Day (that orange/green/brown/pink tribal print dress that I posted about previously).

I'm an avocado/appley type body (curvy, fat congregates in the belly/torso), and in these pics, it reminds me I still have a ways to go. But, well, I've seemed to settle in the place where my body LIKES to be, as much as I want it to be 20-25 lbs lower.

I did the arms up shot to show the curves better, hahahaha. BUT ALSO..cause the acanthosis nigricans is nearly gone. I used to have charcoal grey skin under my arms from the prediabetes/insulin resistance. I have shaving hyperpigmentation, but the A.N. is pretty much history, thank God. :D

It's nice to wear dresses again. It's wonderful. WONDERFUL! Nothing makes me feel as feminine as a cute dress.

I hope you enjoyed your mother's day and got to wear something that made you feel girly (or manly) and good!

Yup, I gots curves. Mostly booby curves, heh.
And that's a flower headband on my head.
My younger niece and SIL made "tea party hats"
with tulle and ribbons, and for my older niece
 and me, they created headbands. I don't
like to crush my curls with hats. :D
I look ready to "hula". :D

I may be old and overweight,
but I sure like feeling girly!
I'm holding the headband here. :)