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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMG, those amazing Red Honedews!!!! And another downward change...

I've been pretty much not having as much fruit as I did in the past due to trying to make my eating plan "lower carb". But the cherries, plums, nectarines, papaya, watermelon and the latest orange honeydews of summer have called my name and I have answered, 'Yes!'

This crop of Orange Honeydews is amazing. So juicy, so sweet. Like a luxurious garden party in my mouth. You have to go get some!!!

On the good news front, my snail strategy continues. It took me 10 days to lose 1.5 lbs, but lose I did. No binges. No deprivation of any overt sort, other than fighting off the occasional craving for something really trigger (like fries or like cheese enchiladas). I am still using my protein snacks to control hunger. I sometimes have pizza or fried chicken, but then the rest of THAT day will be low carb and lower cal to compensate.

I expect the fruit might have triggering effects if I am not vigilant--cause I can seriously pig-out on fruit, especially summer fruit, moreso than chocolate or cake or junk food. I adore fruit and have since childhood, when sitting on a pile of protective newspaper and eating a mango right off the large seed or a pomegranate seed by seed (took me ages to finish one) were among the great joys of my young life. :)

I used to routinely sit and eat six oranges in one go.

I go nuts for fruit.

So, while the cherries and melons and plums are nice, I plan to enjoy them, just try not to go insanely fruit binge-y.

So, another week and, hopefully, another pound down. I can dig the one pound a week gig. I really can. Maybe it will help my skin get less "shocked" and adjust a bit better. (I like going downwards, but the sag in the inner thigh region is starting to be really unpleasant when I look in the mirror while creaming up after a shower. Eek.)

Have a great and healtful week, folks...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Being Slothful Is Not Good, But Sometimes Is Therapy

Sloth is one of my major besetting "deadly" sins. And I've been really slothful this week. No exercise at all. Lots of sleeping. (Medication may need tweaking.) And, weirdly, though I'm menopausal, I've had a crampy "period". I think it's cause I lost 10 pounds in the last couple months and may have a reaction to the estrogen release. Not sure, prolly. At age 50, I'm not thinking I've starting popping out eggs again.

So, I had to scrounge in the back of the linen closet for a box of unused tampons leftover from my last Aunt Flo visit...

But I'm happy to update my ticker and stats with another slow downtick. I weighed in at 256.6 for a total of 42.4 lost.

And I'm very happy to see the slow, consistent progress.

The sloth is not so great. I'm glad I'm seeing the endo in a couple weeks, and I got blood taken out yesterday. It may or may not be the thyroid/med change. It may be the killer heat of August. 97 degrees yesterday with triple-digit heat index.


Appetite is good and NOT binge-y. I still am feeling calm about food, though I certainly could eat plenty if I don't watch it. I'm happy with a 1 to 2 pound loss a week and not feeling at all anxious. Whether that's related to the slothful lethargy, who knows.

I think if I can get past the sleepies and move more, I can up my loss.

Then again, moving more can up my appetite, too, so I worry about that.

I'll be back to Pilates next week (my trainer was on vacation last week), and that should help, too.

I'm eating pretty normal (though lower quantity) meals and less fruit than I was used to eating in a quest to have lower carb--not low, lower carb--meals. I had raspberries with my breakfast of caprese salad with EVOO and teriyaki wings. Yeah, teriyaki has carbs, but my mouth wanted it, so it was nicer to feel satisfied on a small bit of it. I have some pretty peaches I can have with supper. I find if I have my WonderSlim protein stuff between meals, the meals themselves tend to be normal (not my usual pig-out). And if I have something late at night, say 3 hours before bed, I feel a huge reduction in nightly food cravings and wake up feeling less crazy to have breakfast like usual.

So, while I am not a low-carber, I do seem to be a lower-carber (I have pasta, I have bread, I have potatoes, and I like fruit), meaning just cutting back on the quantity of my starch/fruit eating and increasing the protein (and fat) to compensate. This really does seem to be calming me...so far.

Hope your weekend is lovely. Mine has been restful and full of Japanese manga and a comedy flick and smooching hubby so far. Tomorrow is a family event, so I'll have to deal with the "how to face temptation" issue at the birthday party for my brother. I can see myself having to tote some lower-carb options or just saying NO to the rice and YES to the "ropa vieja" and salad. (Though it's really tough for a Cuban-born gal to have "ropa vieja" sans rice, I tell ya.)

Later, y'all....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Balancing Big Meal with Small Ones Helps...Duh, right? :)

Hanging in there. Had a few dinners out with hubby which presented temptations and challenges, but I've gotten better at doing that balancing act: if one meal is higher in calories, compensate with the other meals that day.

So, when I had the big Italian dinner out (very sumptuous wild mushroom and truffle oil fettucine with parmesan, bruschetta with tomatoes/olive tapenade/sauteed mushrooms, a meatball sample, wine, and hubby and split a gelato with chocolate sauce), I simply had two high-protein, low cal meals for the rest of that day (one protein hot chocolate, one protein oatmeal and egg), and registered no gain. Another dinner out, same thing....just was very cautious the rest of the day. No gain.

I haven't been eating low enough since Friday to really make for significant loss, but I did make it to 258.0 today, so it's 41 pounds gone.

I'll take it.

I haven't gone shopping, so I have NO fruit and NO salad fixings in the house (though I do have leftover salad from yesterday's Middle Eastern supper we had--for me, Chicken Shawarma with basmati and fatoush without the pita as per my request, carrot soup). So, I'm hoping it won't be a big rainy day so I can get some healthful produce.

I do find that the WonderSlim Hot Cakes and Hot Chocolate (especially the raspberry one) have been great hunger stopgappers for me. They give me a sense of luxurythat has been satisfying and useful. The hotcakes with sugar free syrup or some frozen strawberry heated and dumped on top accompanied by scrambled eggs has been my fave breakfast for the last two weeks. Easy, fast and lots of protein. I just need to get the spinach, mushroom, zucchini, etc that I like to add to my eggs. The hot chocolate with some low-carb biscotti just feels like a nice dessert or late night snack to curtail binge inclinations. It can satisfy the raging of a sweet tooth.

Anyway, as long as the direction is downward, even if snail-slow, I'm happy. :)

So, here's to another week of fatfighting...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Seeming New Phase In Relationship To Food at Summer Slimmin' Challenge's End...

So, I didn't meet my challenge goal of 250 lbs. I ended up just maintaining since I last checked in, more or less. 258.8 Thursday weigh-in, the final day of the Summer Slimmin' Challenge.

Began challenge: 267.6
Ended challenge: 258.8

Loss: 8.8 lbs

I am at fault, of course, for not meeting my goals. We are each at fault, when it comes down to it, when we don't give something our all. I simply did not consistently hold up to the challenge suggestions.

BUT...I did end up losing weight and getting into a new "decade" and trying some new stuff strategy/foodwise, and I ended up feeling oddly, mostly calm. Not feeling edge or bingey for most of it. In fact, I feel a lot more calm in general about my eating and I've found myself saying no more easily to pizza, even when I want it. I just have said no with more ease.


Well, how much that will continue, who can say? I deeply hope it's part of a larger trajectory towards a better, more healthful weight for me, a place below 200 eventually, but I don't feel rushed, like I do occasionally when I feel like joining a challenge (where I have always lapsed). Lord in Heaven knows there have been plenty of "losers" who think they won the battle only to regain and find, oops, no they didn't. So, I don't ever think my battle will be over, but maybe, just maybe, I'm getting used to the warrior mindset. Not "in full battle mode" warrior, but the warrior in the less intense war zone who still has to be vigilant and make progress. I think maybe I should strive to be a more active, right in the midst of it warrior. But I think that's just not me. I'm a meanderer, not a fighter.

a fat-sorta-fighter? hah.

Whatever, I have not made any great strides in changing behavior other than simply feelng less prone to stuff my face, feeling more prone to leave stuff on the plate and for leftovers, feeling more inclined to DECLINLE inviations to danger zones (read fave Italian and Mexican restaurants).

We do have a gift certificate to a highly rated pasta place and that will be an interesting challenge, as pasta IS one of my danger foods (very easy to just go hog wild when the plate is in your face). But I'm going to assess myself before going (or reschedule). I do plan to have a protein shake BEFORE I leave to sort of take the edge off my appetite. Then, let's see how THAT goes.

I like this non-frantic about food place. I do wish I were not merely maintaining and were more diligent about tracking, water, and more consistent with exercising on non-training days. But I just feel more hopeful, like before year's end, I can lose another 10 to 15 pounds, maybe even 20. That pace would be painfully slow for some, but 4 or 5 pounds a month would be significant in the long run and would put my mind more at ease about my skin having a chance to rebound.

I really continue to get freaked if I try to think about the skin hanging issue to come (and some already here). So, I don't overthink it. I just let myself think in terms of slowness--even if it means years--and keep using good oils and creams to keep skin soft, and keep taking my vitamins to nourish the whole of me, hoping I can have some snap back...

In time, I hope I am so much lighter that I will then have to consider the surgical implications. BUT....perhaps the slow turtle can hope that the skin adapts even a bit. I keep talking to my skin at bedtime, after I've used my Parisian huile de soin after my shower, after I've put the MSM cream on my batwings, thighs, and belly: Please, please, just pull yourself together, be elastic for me, will you, and knit yourself into a smaller size.

My skin may not be listening, but then, the human mind and body are strange, strange things. Maybe it is.

So, me and food are being quite polite to each other and I am not feeling antsy. For now, this is a blessing.

I missed my challenge goal, but I am glad I dipped into it. I'm lighter than when I went into it in June, lighter by just under 9 pounds.

Know what that means: I will look into another challenge. I'll likely meander through that one, too, but if I learn something, advance in my relationship with food, and lose some weight, even if not my goal of loss, the challenge is a success for me.

For my fellow challengers---hope you got something good out of it.

Thanks to Z for organizing it, even if her puter went kaput in the last weeks...