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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMG, those amazing Red Honedews!!!! And another downward change...

I've been pretty much not having as much fruit as I did in the past due to trying to make my eating plan "lower carb". But the cherries, plums, nectarines, papaya, watermelon and the latest orange honeydews of summer have called my name and I have answered, 'Yes!'

This crop of Orange Honeydews is amazing. So juicy, so sweet. Like a luxurious garden party in my mouth. You have to go get some!!!

On the good news front, my snail strategy continues. It took me 10 days to lose 1.5 lbs, but lose I did. No binges. No deprivation of any overt sort, other than fighting off the occasional craving for something really trigger (like fries or like cheese enchiladas). I am still using my protein snacks to control hunger. I sometimes have pizza or fried chicken, but then the rest of THAT day will be low carb and lower cal to compensate.

I expect the fruit might have triggering effects if I am not vigilant--cause I can seriously pig-out on fruit, especially summer fruit, moreso than chocolate or cake or junk food. I adore fruit and have since childhood, when sitting on a pile of protective newspaper and eating a mango right off the large seed or a pomegranate seed by seed (took me ages to finish one) were among the great joys of my young life. :)

I used to routinely sit and eat six oranges in one go.

I go nuts for fruit.

So, while the cherries and melons and plums are nice, I plan to enjoy them, just try not to go insanely fruit binge-y.

So, another week and, hopefully, another pound down. I can dig the one pound a week gig. I really can. Maybe it will help my skin get less "shocked" and adjust a bit better. (I like going downwards, but the sag in the inner thigh region is starting to be really unpleasant when I look in the mirror while creaming up after a shower. Eek.)

Have a great and healtful week, folks...


Karla said...

when I cut down on the fruit it helped, I feel ya though... I am a fellow fruit lover here, I try to limit my fruit now to one... maybe two a day. I notice the hungries come around less often. Less carbs = less munchies, at least for me

The Better Idiot said...

Even if you 'binge' of fruit, I don;t see that as a bad thing. I think what you're doing now is great though, not denying yourself the odd less healthy meal, but planning around it so things even out. I think that's the best way to avoid a junk binge because you don;t feel like you can't have it ever.

Yanny said...

Hello, I just found your blog when I was searching about Quenepas and I love it!! I have a blog myself kind of like yours and I think that your blog is really great!! I look forward to reading more of your blogs and good luck on your weightloss!! May I ask what your support group is? Or are you doing this on your own? Look forward to hearing from you. Take care!!