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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Princess is Peeved: Drugstore.com

I'm calling for my Cranky Wizard to retaliate with much thunderbolt and lightning!

Why? The Princess is NOT amused right now.

And, no, I don't mean Kimkins and her wicked ways. Though, granted, that also makes me fume.

No. Today, I frown and sneer at an online store: DRUGSTORE.COM

I've placed like three or so orders with DRUGSTORE.COM--including the one that brought me my kicking new scale-- and have been pleased with the stuff. Okay, except for the first order, where one of the object in a glass jar was not protected properly and broke and spilled over the other items. But that's not enough to get me riled. I didn't even ask for a replacement or refund. I chilled.

I chill a lot now that I'm over 40. But, whatever, today, no chilling.

I hate being ignored. It so does not go with the tiara.

The Issue: I've been trying for a couple days to get customer care to sort through a particular glitchy problem.

1. Although I placed an order, paid for it, and received the delivery, their shopping cart won't clear.
2. I didn't get my $7+ in drugstore dollars because of said glitch showing I have not placed the order that, well, I placed and have been eating/stepping on/etc.
3. They have sent me a couple emails in the last week saying, "Hey, don't forget the items in your shopping cart." Yes, those items. The ones I am using/consuming already cause I PAID AND GOT THEM.
4. I have sent emails. I've been specific. I sent copies of the "confirmed" order that was PAID AND SHIPPED AND RECEIVED.
5. I keep getting these dumb-assed auto-replies with links, rather than an answer and solution from a living person who's read my emails.
6. I keep getting promised that a customer care representative will respond.
7.I keep replying--as instructed, not changing the subject line--and I get...more auto-replies with links.

After hitting these auto-replies about 6 or 8 times in the past couple of days, I'm fed up. I'm getting the feeling NO ONE IS FIXING THIS. They just put me on some weird auto-reply thing that keeps sending me mail with links.

I had a few things I wanted to buy--several Kashi cereals, some lipstick, some soap. At least another full order with them, maybe 50 bucks. But I refuse to place it until they fix my issue. Which, clearly, they have no desire to do, given that all I get are auto-replies which are no help.

So, DRUGSTORE.COM: You get my Boo for the Day for unresponsive customer care.

And if I don't get satisfaction soon, I will find someplace else to get my stuff. This aggravation, I don't need. I'm too stressed with other things. I don't need techie and c/s annoyances.

Learn a lesson from the Amy's people. I told them there was a problem. They fixed the problem. They sent me an apology. They sent me coupons.


ETA: More than 24 hours after I posted this, I still have not heard from Drugstore.com's customer care people. Uh-huh. THPPPTT!

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