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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The CLight Has Arrived: My Verdict?

There once was a limey delight
The Princess bought: It's called CLight.
I wish Kraft would stock
The stuff near my block,
Cause two-weeks to get it's not right!

This morning, I got a small box from my postal carrier with my 40 packets of CLight. If you've been around here for a couple weeks, you might recall my post about ordering the Crystal Light variant from an eBay merchant.

The reason: To savor the much-acclaimed lime flavor and some other tropical flavors not available in the US (mango, soursop, etc).

Kate Ford was not kidding! I now understand why women go to Mexico to get this stuff.

The lime (limone) ROCKS THE PRINCESS' MOUTH!

I'm sipping some right now. Mmmmmmm. Very lime-y, and I love lime flavor. Prefer lime in my iced tea. Prefer lime to lemon in my cold water. Prefer limeade to lemonade. For beverages, lime beats lemon in the realm of the Princess Dieter.

You might like lemon better. (Although, I really wasn't wowed by the Crystal Light lemonade.)

Then again, maybe it's all psychological: I see green limes and think "limeade" and go all "ooooooooooooh." Maybe it's just Crystal Light lemonade packaged as lime. Quien sabe? (trans: who knows?)

If so, I'm not alone in thinking this one's better than the US lemonade. And I'm a-sipping an' a-digging.

If you're a lime lover--Did you dig those lime Lifesavers as a kid? Did you groove on the lime Dots in the movie theater? Do you swoon at the thought of a good Key Lime pie? Did you ever buy that great Born Lippy lime lip balm at BodyShop back when they had it? (Even my husband loved those! Can't believe they stopped making it. At least that's what they told us when we went looking for it over a year ago)--then you might wanna make chums with someone in Mexico or Brazil.

Or go to eBay.


Kraft, please release the lime in the US. Come, on! PLEASE? The Princess says: "Make it so."

Note: I'll let y'all know what I think of the other flavors--the more tropical/Caribbean/Latin ones--when I get to those packets.


Nykky said...

oh I really dislike Crystal Light, but if it tastes better from Mexico I'm willing t give it a try...especially lime, you made me want lime so bad I ran to the store lol. But what is soursop I am curious.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Soursop is called guanabana by Latinos (or, I should say, some. I don't know if it's most or all.) I grew up having soursop smoothies (my dad and mom made them at home) and soursop juice (from cans). It's a tropical fruit. The flavor is tough to describe, but I enjoy it.

Nykky, if you live in the continental US--you do, I think, right?--email me at OnceUponADiet atsy gmail dotsy com, and gimme your snail mail. I'll send you a sample of the lime, see if you like it. It may be too similar to the other Crystal Lights and you might hate it, but hey...you were the first to ask, and I thought that, well, whoever asked first, if they were in-country, could get a freebie.

The Princess

Anonymous said...

Clight is the best...I was in Argentina and Chile in August and bought some to try knowing fully well that Clight is Crystal light. I don't know what flavours they have in Mexico but in Argentina they have a Melon-kiwi one which is amazing and....wait for it...Apple juice which tastes exactly like the real thing! no joke! They were labeling it as "Manzana Deliciosa" and "Manzana Verde". They also have Pomelo Rosado (Grapefruit), Mango, Pomelo-Limon (Grapefruit/lemon combo) and Pera (Pear)...which is also highly recommended. As you can see, I stocked up. They also have the singles there too. I live in Canada and we unfortunately don't have any of these amazing flavours here. We should lobby Kraft to start carrying them, especially the apple one, in the US and Canada!! p.s. good luck with the dieting, you go girl:)

Tanja said...

I googled 'Clight' and found this. I live in Europe, and there aren't any instant-diet-soda's to be found here.
I buy them in the US (I really like Crystal Lights 'Ruby Red Grapefruit!! but that one is hard to come by :()
In Brasil the Clight Ice-Tea is very good, and Pear too.
In Mexico you have small clight-packets with lime and mandarine (tangerine?), these are very good, and you can carry them with you and use in a small bottle. There is a third flavor, something like Jamaica or so, but I didn't really like that one.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from mexico... and bought a ton of it and am now wishing I bought more!!! I am gonna have to contact the head of the scholl where I was doing missionary work don there and have her send me care packages!! So far, I love the pina colada, the horchata, the lime, watermelon, mandrine, apple, jamica is okay and mango/guava rocks too. They have the portable packs and I stick them in my gym bag and flavor my water 2:1 dilute so it's not too sweet for while I am working out! We need these flavores here!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I just returned from Mexico and brought a couple packs of the Clight - Pina Colada and also Belife - Limon (Lime). We never tasted either until we got home and now wish we had bought all that was on the shelves. They taste wonderful and can not be found here in the U.S. We are now looking for a U.S. source.

Endako Jo said...

You have included a link to Katy Ford's blog in two of your posts about CLight, but when I click I get asked to login. I'd really like to see what she says about it, too. Anyhoo, my stepdaughter brought some samples back from Mexico and I got a taste. YUMMY! But I, too, live in Canada, so no can buy. I did find a source in the UK, but it's way more expensive than the Mexican source on ebay. Gonna get some friends together and order a bunch from ebay. That would at least help offset the shipping charges.

Anonymous said...

Just got my CLight and the stuff is GREAT ! The pina-Colada, watermelon, apple are unbeleavable! The lime is great to make sugar-free margaritas or mojitos! Would love to try the Argentina/brasil Pear...anyone got a link to purchase?

Muchogranderandy@gmail.com said...

I was curious whether others knew and so went online and found the gush. I read on as I sip from a watermelon flavor as I write this. Makes me want to go into biz to provide such wholesome goodness to others of our ilk.

Anonymous said...

passion fruit clight is the best we have it in peru, also apple, pineapple, grape, lemon, mandarine, strawberry....

Anonymous said...

Ok... this is an old line of chat but I must add my votes for the Brazilian flavors of Clight..maracuja, pera, abacaxi, limón, etc! mmmmmmm... que saudade!

ole said...

I frequent Mexico and I discovered Clight some years ago and since then I have consumed it regularly. I was innitially attracted to Clight because is does not contain aspartame. I notice that on the envelope where it lists the ingredients is says SIN FENAILALANINA and I suppose that's good news. I just wonder about the rest if those chemicals. Is that why I ache all over, or is that just advancing age?

Princess Dieter said...

I don't drink the stuff anymore (this is an older post of mine and I moved to another blog). But yeah, aspartame is something to avoid.

John Q Olson said...

I am trying to find out if you can drink too much of this stuff, if you consume it on a regular basis. I drink a lot of Clight but I have just been diagnosed as diabetic (1 in 9 Arizonans has diabetes) and so I am having to change my ways, eat better and exercise more. I must not eat anything white, and maybe that includes Clight, a white powder.