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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Strategy: Planning for Lunch Out

Okay, so the aftermath:

The scale says 281.0, which is up one pound from last Wednesday's weigh-in. I expected more, so, I'll take it as my due for the salt and snack attack.

I had 10 more WW points than my upper limit, and I had 14 more points than my ideal point count. That's 500-700 more calories than I would have wished. Seven of those points--roughly 300 calories--were pure junk (the Doritos and the Cheetos).

I decided to eat supper and not wake up vulnerable. So, I had half of my delivery meal veggie-burger-n-pasta salad. I added another orange, some cherries, and some cantaloupe to fill me up and give me good nutrients to counteract the fat and salt and crap in the snacks. Also, the potassium in the fruit helped with the bloating. One pound up is way less than I should have gone with that much salt.

Now, it's time for a breakfast at home. Something filling, that will carry me through until 1 or 2 pm. Why? Cause we're going to the Museum of Science to see some Chinese dinosaur fossils and then to lunch either at Key Biscayne somewhere or Coconut Grove somewhere. Or wherever my sister wants. It's HER birthday. :)

That means I won't have access to my protein mix for my 2 to 2 1/2 hour protein fix. I may take a protein bar, but those really just make me want to eat more. It's the sweetness I think, that keeps it from being satisfying. Maybe I'll take string cheese. Hmmmm. There's a thought. Do I have any, though?

I've been pondering what to eat, musing what to order. I've been considering the places we're likely to go and, sadly, I can't have seafood. (Allergic.) So, I've been giving myself the soup/salad or grilled chicken on salad pep talk. I tend to go bonkers when I see menus. Eating out is tough. I want what I want.

And this is my first dining out trip since I began the "restart" in August.

I am going to listen to one of my new diet cds (maybe The Thin Commandments) while I shower and dress, so I can fully psyche myself into healthful choices at lunch. And no honking dessert.

On the plus side, I'll be forced to MOVE.

No, I have not been exercising. Bad Mir....All is Forgiven. Move on. MOVE!

I'll probably wear either some comfy and cute Hush Puppies flats (style= "Wonderful") that I bought months ago in red and liked so much that I bought another pair last month in black. Or I'll go with my my foot-coddling Brooks walking shoes. Both give me cush and protection for my beleaguered, over-pronating feetsies.

By the way, if you need wide width and larger sizes in walking/running shoes, you should check out BROOKS. They have fabulous shoes, recommended by physical therapists, for us large gals who overpronate. I am able to walk longer, farther in these than any other of my sneakers--and I have Avia and Saucony and Nike. I'm a wide width and an 11 in athletic shoes, a 10 in regular, sometimes 9.5 in, like, Hush Puppies or other makes that run long. So, it's hard for me to find shoes in stores and have, in the past, bought men's sneakers at Sports Authority. But I ordered two pairs of Brooks online and my feet have loved me like mad since. Just saying. (They have a shoe advisor quiz that lets you know which of their shoes is best for YOUR foot type and exercise style.)

So, comfy shoes, an eating stragegy, and outside it's sunny and hot (yes, it's summer in Miami, what else?) and I've been praying we have a good time and everybody loves the outing.

The Princess' royal carriage awaits in the garage. World, here I come.

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