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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Snack Sprite: Heavenly Desserts?

I haven't tried these yet, so how heavenly they may be is a mystery to me--for now. I do want to try them, particularly the chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and strawberry mousse. I haven't had mousse in quite a while, and real chocolate mousse is, to me, one of the true delights of being human and having taste buds. Mmmmmmmm.

But, for those of you who have a sweet tooth, it's something you can try:

Mrs. Smith's "Heavenly 100" Dessert Snacks

It joins the ranks of the other snacks out there portioned so that you get 100 calories per serving. I've tried some of the cookies, and I was NOT thrilled. The saltier snacks are okay.

Now, I do not have an enormous sweet tooth. (I have an enormous FAT tooth. Cheese is my first love. Sauces, gravies, oils. I love fat.) I do just fine with fruit for most of the day. A nice bowl of berries or melon or cherries or a cut up orange or some plums. Adore fruit. (Which is why I can't do low-carb. No way I can back on fruit.) BUT...with dinner...I loooooooove something sweet to finish off. It sort of says to me, "You're done for the day. You've eaten well. You've had a treat."

Lately, due to my new eating plan, I just have a small square of dark-dark chocolate (since it's good for one). Twice, I've had the Applebee's chocolate raspberry cake (4 WW points). But, really, when you're watching your points, 4 is a lot to splurge on dessert some days. Two point desserts, like those Skinny Cow sandwiches are okay some days. Those Vitamuffin chocolate tops are not moist enough to feel "cakey", but they'll do some days. Those 10 calorie sugar free Jello cups are great with a spritz of fat-free topping. And the sugar-free Jello puddings are nice, too.

So, I'm eager to try these new ones. A different mouth feel, creamy, moussey, would be welcome.

Anyone have a review of these? A report on them? Are they tasty? Do they have an aftertaste?

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