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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Princess Party Time: YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

Yet another reason to adore my new scale: Those .2 of a pound increments add to the joy of scaling. Ups don't seem so huge. Downs are more evident.

For example: Today, I got on it and was 279.8

Did you hear me scream? Yes, I cracked 280.

Now, on my other scale, of .5 increments, I would not have. It would still say 280.0.

But on this one, I can have the satisfaction of seeing that fighting off those snack cravings last night paid off. Not to mention the 13 minutes of exercising.

(I actually was getting ready for bed, out of my clothes, teeth-brushed, and was logging my achievements for the day over at eDiets. I realized that, once again, I had not MOVED according to plan. So, I took off the chemise, put on sneakers and work-out gear, and at 3:30 in the morning, I was doing some Cardio Salsa with a DVD. Yes, I almost died gasping, that's how out of shape I am. But I did it. And, after showering, I went to bed much more satisfied with my day.)

Okay, so the 70s might be gone tomorrow-- if I overeat salt--but for today, The Princess is in the '70s and it's FIESTA TIME in the castle!!!!

And I'll take my weight-loss journey wee joys where I can!

Onward and DOWNWARD!


Chubby Chick said...

(Throwing Confetti)...
Congrats on reaching the 270's!!! Yippee for you!!! Yippee for your new scales!!!

Zanitta said...

Yay! I love new scales, that extra bit of motivation. Congrats honey...

Scale Junkie said...

woohooo, so long 280, hello 270's, WTG!!!

Heather said...

I love scales with those increments...but you are right, when its a gain, you hate them! congrats on the 70's though! and while it probably seems crazy to some, I also have exercised in the middle of the night so I laughed when I read what you wrote!

Teale said...

How fantastic! Breaking into that new "decade" is always so wonderful!

stephseef said...

i think you might be my new best friend.


Just found you tonight. GREAT POSTS. Fun to share the journey. Be blessed and press on!


ps - i love Iona!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Thank you, ladies. It's soooooooo nice to have people who UNDERSTAND the importance of a that "decade" thing. You made my day.

Steph--someone who knows IONA!!! I am so thrilled. I have all their cds, plus some of them I have in triplicate (cause I was so afraid they'd go out of print and I'd not be able to find a back-up if one got scratched or something.) I even have some of the solor projects.

It's a shame the make-up changed, though. They had hit a perfect moment with JOURNEY INTO THE MORN, and then , well, changes. Pity.

I still hope to see the REAL Iona, the geographical one, before I die. Just have a pilgrimage of sorts....

Nitey all,
The Princess