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Friday, September 14, 2007

Princess Pounds One Dragon Tonight

Well, hubby and I agreed to get Thai (delivered) for supper.

As I was checking the menu for the order, I felt that old, old urge to over-order. I stopped. Took a few breaths. Asked myself if I was in danger ordering.

Yes. The Overeating Ogre was knocking on my door. I thought about the facts: the restaurant portions are huge. Hubby and I do not like the same items. IT's not like we could share. I would, maybe, be too tempted to eat beyond a controlled portion.

I put down the menu. I decided no Thai delivery. Nope.

Hubby and I will make do with home-made, whole wheat pita pizza made with low-fat mozzarella. I can control the cheese on mine. I can control the size (one pita). I can add fruit and veggie to it. I can make iced tea. I can make some soup, if I need an extra bit of volume in the tummy.

Thai would have been delicious, yes, but Thai would have been, I'm sure, a mistake tonight. I was too ready to let the dragonfire consume me.

Princess gets this battle point.


Chubby Chick said...

Good for you for overcoming temptation!

Hubby and I never ordered Thai, but we used to get Chinese takeout alot. I would stuff myself with General Tsao's Chicken and steamed rice. And I could easily eat an entire order of crab rangoon on top of that! OMG... what was I thinking? Needless to say... we haven't ordered Chinese since I started on this "journey."

*ccc* said...

Your Highness...I am in AWE!

Good for you!!!!!

fertilehealthy said...

I am so proud of you... It's all about making the right choices, after all!
I managed to steer clear of the "try this" people in the supermarket yesterday. A mini-victory!

Chubby Chick said...

Hubby came home from work today and told me he had Thai for lunch. I immediately thought of you. lol :)