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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Eight: A Meme about Me

Chubby Chick tagged me. Hmm.

I don't like doing memes. In the whole time I've been online, I've done maybe six.

But, okay, I'll do this one. :) (But I should be WRITING...)

Eight Random Facts about The Princess Dieter

1. I'm Latina, born in Cuba, raised in the US. My Spanish sucks. My English skills, however, are above average and have been so since grammar school. (I was reading at college level in the fifth grade.) And, yes, one of my two degrees is a B.A. in English. English is my second language, and it was rarely spoken at home when I was very young. This makes it somewhat ironic that my fluency in my first tongue has eroded to such a degree. Use it or lose it. It's about more than muscles.

2. I've never been out of the Eastern time zone. Born here. Raised here. Married here. Buried my parents here. Will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary next June, yes, right here.

I'm hoping to visit outside the EST someday. See #8 about that. :)

3. I'm a bibliophile. I own thousands of books and magazines. Hubby owns a variety of musical instruments and multiple drum sets. This is why we live in four apartments (an apartment building only we inhabit) as opposed to a normal three- or four-bedroom home. I'd rather live in a regular house, though. That would mean, what, six bedrooms or a very, very, very big garage with a/c to prevent mildew.

4. My spiritual gifts are teaching and exhortation. Perhaps this blog is an outgrowth of that.

5. I'm wild about the speculative genre (ie, fantasy and science fiction and, even, horror) in all forms: fiction, poetry, and art. So much so that a large part of my book collection is in this genre. I've also published a couple of science fiction stories and two speculative poems. One was nominated for a Rhysling Award. I'm currently writing a fantasy novel. (contemporary, urban, with Christian themes). I edit here , here, and here. I also collect fantasy art that features fairies, angels, elves, and mermaids, etc. See my commissioned painting called "Warrior's Guardian" (Xmas gift from hubby). I also own the original watercolor called "Dream of Lilies." Those are just two nifty ones among dozens in my fantasy collection.

6. My favorite nail polish color for toenails is deep, true red. I love Opi's Chick Flick Cherry.

7. I pray every day that I'll die before my husband--or, ideally, at the same time. I'm too cowardly to live without true love after having it for 25 1/2 years. More than half my life. I didn't believe in total, insane, true, blow-your-mind love of the fairy-tale kind when I was a teen, or even 20, or 21. Not for me, anyway. But I turned 22 and there he was. Hubby proved my theory wrong.

8. I'd like to someday spend one Christmas at Ahwahnee Hotel. Me and my whole family. Just once. And one spring or summer in Tuscany before I die. (Where's my lottery win??!!)

I tag...no one.

Post 8 facts about yourself if you wanna. Let me know if you do.

1 comment:

Chubby Chick said...

Thanks for participating. It was so nice to learn more about you! :)