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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scale Tale Tuesday:
Look Great in 2008 Challenge Begins

So, Tuesday has been designated as the check-in, weigh-in day for the challenge. That means I'll be doing my weigh-in here on Tuesdays, just to make it easier.

Hey, I got that new scale in time for a new challenge. Cool.

Here's the deal from Tales from the Scales:

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE CHALLENGE - sign Mr. Linky, linking back to a post on your blog about your weight loss goal, aspirations, challenges, goals, dreams, frustrations. Your Story. We want to hear it.

Weight loss motivation was the reason I began this bloggy-journal four months ago.

My weight loss goal overall, my ideal, is to get to a fit 160. My goal for this challenge it to get under 250. Let's choose a number: 248. I haven't been that in this millenium, I think. And it rhymes with the theme:

248 in 2008

My challenges are emotional and physiological, not to mention chronological. I'm nearing fifty and perimenopausal, so my body isn't as effective, metabolically, as it was at 20 (when I was normal weight). I also have numerous physical ailments, including a shot thyroid and multiple severe allergies and chemical sensitivities, which slow me down, and lifelong severe asthma that I have to take multiple medications to control. Those medications have their own effects. My liver function is affected, and I have Metabolic Syndrome. I also suffer from periodic bouts of depression, which makes me prone to bingeing as a "soother."

But challenges and frustrations are there to be worked around and overcome, not to be used as excuses, so I refuse to let them KEEP me enslaved in fat. I may have to work harder than a healthy person, but it's still worth making the journey to wellness. This is the body I've got for the duration, and I have not taken the best care of it. That's not fate's fault. THAT IS MINE.

I refuses to believe I cannot do it. I refuse to accept past failures as the definining patterns.

I can do it.

We can do it.

Dream: To have control of several areas of my life--the body, the creative endeavors, the home environment (really cluttered as hubby and I both are packrat collectors), and relationships. Being unwell and heavy takes a toll on friendships by limiting what you can do.

Well, I've had enough of that shit. Pardon my Etruscan. Let's cheer each other on to better health and wider, bigger lives.

And all the people in the realm said: AMEN!

Lots of my issues and dreams and goals are on my sidebar and on this blog under various categories within assorted posts. Feel free to browse.


Beginning weigh-in: 280 pounds
Beginning waist:
Beginning hip:

This is post the Red Guest, so no bloat issues in weigh-in. (On my new scale, yay!)


Chubby Chick said...

Amen, sister! I'll be with you all the way as you continue on your journey to health, happines, and fitness! You can do it! :)

Southern Girl said...

Good for you for doing this for yourself! I had to laugh at "Red Guest" -- it's "Aunt Flo" at my house, and she turns me into a ravenous, bloated bear. ;)

You can do this! I'm looking forward to supporting you through the Challenge.

Emma said...

Looking forward to doing the next challenge with you - I lost 20lb during the May Day Challenge and I hope to do roughly the same this time round. Love the look of this blog!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I welcome any and all support. THANKS, ladies.

Emma, 20 lbs? YAY. I'm hoping for 30, but I'll take ANY loss and increase in fitness. I'll take any movement in the RIGHT direction.

Let's have a great challenge, fatfighting femmes!

The Princess

Mama Bear June said...

I'll say Amen to that, too. Welcome to the challenge! We'll all have a great time being LOSERS together.
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