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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kimkins, Meet Kevin.
Kevin, meet Kimkins.

Birds of a dangerous diet feather, those two. (Except Kevin actually isn't lying about being thin.)

I already warned you about the horrors of the Kimkins Diet and the scandalous and unethical goings-on at the Kimkins site. You know to run, not walk , away from this alleged (very alleged, many times alleged, rather convincingly alleged) scammer.

Now, meet Kevin Trudeau. He and Kimkins should date or something. They could honeymoon abroad, where Kevin could get those injections needed to follow his dietary protocol. And, hey, maybe an extradition-unfriendly, drug-dispensing lax nation.

Get the mini-scoop at The Diet Blog:

The weight loss cure (called "the protocol") requires HGH injections, colon cleansing, a complex dietary regime, and a rigid exercise prescription.

Besides the injections, this phase also requires a 500 calorie/day diet for 21 to 45 days, and the consumer cannot use any medicines, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs, most cosmetics, and no creams, lotions, or moisturizers.

Trudeau's infomercial claims "And when you’re done with the protocol, eat whatever you want and you don’t gain the weight back." Trouble is, the protocol is actually lifelong - it never ends.

Trudeau has been a longtime fraud - appearing regularly in FTC news feeds from 1998 onwards. He has been caught fraudulently advertising everything from hair growth products, coral calcium supreme, pain relief products, and weight loss products. Like unwanted body hair, he just keeps on coming back.

The timing is great.

Yesterday, I talked on the phone to a personal trainer. While she sounded nice, personable, all that, she mentioned that she also has a diet plan on which she places her heavier clients. And, yes, she mentioned Kevin Trudeau and his whack plan, and burbled about how very effective it is.

Yeah. Sure. Starving is effective for weight loss.

Anyone who pushes a diet by a marketing money-grubber, well, I don't want that person training me. Nope.

I find that scary.

Glad the dork is getting sued. He'll just find some other quack product to peddle and keep the money rolling in. Suckers abound. (And hey, I'm able to be suckered, so it's not like I'm on a high horse.

We can cut down the episodes by knowing the equation that leads to bad decisions:

(Desperation x a Great Desire) + A Convincing Pitch + Outlandish Promises - Sufficient Research and Forethought = High Probability of Geting Sucked Into Something Bad.

Don't I know it. This is why I say get informed. Research. Don't go just with emotions. Use your mind. If it sounds too good to be true....you know the drill: It's not true or there's a catch.)

Meanwhile, he and Heidi Diaz (aka Kimmer) can make beautiful crazy-diet music together while having romantic suppers with fewer than 200 calories, preferably overseas and without internet connection or access to the media.



Grumpy Chair said...

I read your post over the weekend or last weekend about Kimkins and did a google search because, this needs to be on Dateline! 3 Fat Chicks did an awesome article on it.

I watched an infomercial last night with Kevin Trudeau (I have insomnia). I remember he used to be heavier when he was hawking products for Atkins. I wonder if he did his diet or lipo?

After listening to his spill for 20 minutes, I felt really bad for anyone who was willing to pay for his book/products.

honib1 said...

UHMMMM COLON CLEANSING... I don't think... I shall only participate in that activity .. should I have a colonoscopy... nope no colon cleansing for me.. insightful post though.. yikes...

honib1 said...

forgot to tell u.. I wanted to say thankyou... your blog has kept me inspired to work towards my goal in the manner that I am and not try some crazy crash programs... I have lost nearly 30 pounds.. with 50 to go ... thanks for the inspiration....

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Grumpy, it's a very sad and frustrating and maddening thing going on there. A lot of people hurt emotionally and, in some cses, PHYSICALLY. Bad, bad stuff.

Honib1: You'll make it. You're quite a way there. Be patient and think long-term, not "crash". Best of luck.

Oh..and...Yeah. No one is coming at MY colon, thanks. It's got a big ole : No Trespassing with Colonics sign.

If folks wanna do the cleansing, cool. Do it. Your butt. But I have this shudder reflex at the idea of colonics and "cleansings". I poop just fine. 2 and 3x a day. I figure stuff's moving A-Okay.