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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Goal Update: Good News, Bad News

Well, I didn't get my wish:


I had hoped to crack 280. Got close. No cigar. Sorta-Bummer.

However, there's some good news in the bad:

I did write down and sorta stop a binge. (Take that, you Gobbling Goblin!)

Yes, this is actually good news. After TEN DAYS of eating at or below (even some days way below) my points (calorie) limit, I got the binge urge. I got it BAD.

I tried to fight it off with water.
I tried to fight it off with some veggies.
I tried to fight it off by self-talk of the cheerleading sort.
I tried to fight it off by putting on a cool movie.
I tried to fight it off by flipping through a health magazine.

But no. I had to have it. Chips, salty and fried corn chips from the Mexican place, and fresh salsa.

So, I had it.

But I didn't have all that I would normally have had.

I counted out a one point size serving of chips. (Four chips) I ate that.
I wanted more.
I counted out another serving. Ate that.
Wanted more.
Counted out another serving. Ate it. Counted out a fourth. Ate it.

Then, I stopped... and wrote it in my journal.

This is another good thing.

In the past, many times, when I ate something I felt I shouldn't, or I hadn't planned for, or was "junky", I'd be embarrassed to jot it down, reluctant to jot it down, and then I wouldn't. And then I'd just really go on a food attack. I mean, hey, if I'm not writing it, why not?

Well, I wrote it. I wrote down the four points. And I wrote down the one point for the coconut water chaser that I drank to balance the horrible quantities of salt I'd just ingested.

All, told, 5 points.

Now, that's not a full-fledged binge. I was able to stop before I ate the whole bag of chips and the whole container of salsa. (Take that, Gobbling Goblin!) I didn't have 10 points. Or more. I had 5. Maybe six if the salsa had a bit of oil, but it felt very clean (ie, fat free).

5 points is something like 250 to 300 calories. That's one of my mini-meals for the day. So, I wrote it down.

I wrote it down.

I was accountable.

I put the brake on the insanity.

Strategy: I will try to--um, scratch that. I WILL be good for all my remaining meals. If I stay--scratch that, too--I WILL STAY within points, so that I will have not done much damage, except for the salt, which will surely show up on the scale. Salt always does!

Bloating sucks.

It would behoove me to stay off the scale tomorrow, or the number might totally depress me. I know how much damage a salt bonanza can do. It can get mighty ugly on that scale.

So, I'll weigh myself Tuesday. (If I can resist the Monday call of the digital Tanita.)

Last Sunday I weighed in at 283.5.

I lost 3 pounds as of today. That's a very good week. My goal had been to lose 2 pounds minimum per week. I'm on target.

Goal for this week: Lose two pounds.

Of course, the real weigh-ins are on Wedneday. If I'm at 280.0 on Wednesday, I'd have made goal for that span.

Still, justlooking at where I was last Sunday, and where I am now, that helps. It's progress.

And other goals: Keep writing it down. Keep drinking that water. Keep being accountable. Keep making progress. Learn from mistakes. Take pride in successes.

Onward and downward!



Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on the 3 lb. weight loss! That is GREAT!!!

Have you ever tried making your own tortilla chips? I found a recipe last week, and they're really good. All you do is heat your oven to 400 degrees F, cut up a whole wheat low carb tortilla into 8 wedges, spray it with Pam and sprinkle on whatever spices you want (chili powder and garlic salt work well) and bake it for about 8 minutes. You kind of have to watch it while it's baking so it doesn't get too brown.

It's really simple... and they're good. The best part is... they're low in fat and calories.

Zanitta said...

awesome. seriously.

Also, even counting bloat that was a damn good loss, so enjoy it :)