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Friday, September 7, 2007

CLight: Flavors My Latina Tongue Craves

I've been scouring fatfighting blogs for product reviews. As a result, I've ordered a few things in the past months. For example: Vitamuffins recommended by Hungry Girl and Fiber Gourmet pasta recommended by I forgot which blogger.

I just purchased from a Mexican eBay merchant a bunch of packets of this: CLight.

I heard about it from Katy Ford at her blog (in the product review archives).

CLight is the Latin American version of Crystal Light. Now, I occasionally buy Crystal Light--the iced tea and ruby red grapefruit. There was one a while ago in a citrus blend I liked, but they stopped making it (or my local area stores stopped stocking it). I don't much like their lemonade.

However, Katy raves about the CLight lemon(lime) flavor. And when I went in search for it, I found flavors that suited me down to the ground.

Now, you're surely familiar with Piña Colada and mango (my fave fruit). Maybe even hibiscus (especially if you drink those zinger teas.) They also have watermelon, pineapple-orange, red grapefruit, strawberry, and apple. And some others. However, I'd guess that unless you're friends or acquaintances with Latin American folks or Caribbean folks, you may not be familiar with fruits such as tamarind or soursop.
(Although tamarind is used in Worcesterchire sauce, didja know?)

So, I ordered up a variety pack with mostly lime/lemon, but also mango, soursop (we call it guanábana), tamarind (this used to be one of my fave flavors of sno-cones as a kid, drizzled with honey on top), Piña Colada, and madarina (ie. tangerine).

I won't get it for a few weeks, but it'll be a nice change from coffee and teas. Zero calories per glass. Yay.

Anyone here tried the CLight?

1 comment:

Chubby Chick said...

Hmmm... I've never tried the CLight. But I'm anxious to know how you like it! All those tropical flavors sound yummy. I think my "Latin lover" hubby would especially like them.