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Friday, September 21, 2007

For Those Following the Kimkins Saga

Remember to check Kimkins Exposed tomorrow AM, because a mole will be outed by Ducky.

I can hardly wait!

Shoot, I even went to iStock to get an appropriate image.

Man, between the rats, the moles, the singing canaries, and the duckies, we're gonna need to hire a zookeeper to keep things tidy as The Truth emerges.

Thank God for stool pigeons. But...some rats can't tell when a ship is sinking...they just keep "singing" and "tippy-toeing" around the Kimtanic, while taking a "bonus" here and there for playing henchmen, er, I mean fanatical zealots, er...no, I mean helpful volunteers. Yeah, dat's it.

ETA: In order to raise the rankings of blogs exposing the Kimkins fraud/hoax/nastiness, I placed a new category way down on my sidebar: Caveat Kimkins Emptor.

EATA: You must read Becky's part one entry of "The Perfect Storm". She lays it all out and she does it cogently and without clutter. So far, yes, so good.

EYATA: Posting links for technorati Kimkins-smashing purposes:

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Scale Junkie said...

What a fun day this will be!!