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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Princess' BMI...Improving

When I was 299 lbs in 2004, my estimated BMI was 48.25.

When I began this blog in May, my BMI was estimated at 46.64.

Now, my BMI is 45.35.

Mini-BMI goal is to get under 40. (That would be about 247 pounds to be just under a 40 BMI.) My dream goal weight of 160 (which is not skinny by a long shot) would be, roughly, a BMI of 26. )

Why do I want to get under 40? Because at that BMI I wouldn't be technically categorized as morbidly obese. I'd still be fat, mind you. Huge, even. But not MORBIDLY OBESE. Something to hope for, dream of, and work toward, yes?


Lady T said...

i agree! it would be. i was so incredibly happy when i got out of the 40's. that was a great feeling. having morbid in front of obese was depressing.

obese is still huge (nodding my head) but it sounds nicer. lol.

Teale said...

Oh, I definately relate to this!!!

*ccc* said...

Oh yes! I actually just did a BMI check today. Isn't it wonderful to see the number go down?

I hate that I'm still "obese"...who would've thought I'd be counting the days until I was "overweight."

Lady Rose said...

***three cheers*** that is great! I need to refigure my bmi -- it's good to have some other numbers to look to for results so the scale doesn't become an obsession.