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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Post-Outing, Post-Pizza Weight Update

Here it is. Scale says:


Hey, all. How'd Saturday treat you?

Well, we had a great time. I have to say that those fossils from China are AMAZING! The Princess kids you not. I felt great awe at these ancient (200 millions years or so) creatures. The bones of the thighs, legs, the claws, the teeth--ginormous! The skill is putting these multitudes of bones together was evident as well. The dinosaurs looked like art. Just breathtaking. If you get a chance to see dinosaur fossils on display---go!

Speaking of enormous creatures: Me.

It's always startling to see oneself in a photo--even a digital one. My sis took some. And it always, always astonishes me to see MYSELF in a pic. That's reality, not me filtered through my own eyes in a mirror. Scary. GINORMOUS!

I told myself this morning to keep those images of me in mind as motivation today. Motivation to eat ON PLAN.

On the plus side: I didn't go over my calorie count yesterday.

On the negative side: I ate crap at lunch.

I was somewhat disappointed at our lunching choice. See, I had it in my mind that we'd be going to some cool restaurant in the Grove or the Key, that we'd have a waterfront view or be in a garden court. That all sorts of fresh and veggie type offerings--soups, salads, grilled chicken with herbs, elegant tofu displayed artfully with a dip and crudites. You know, healthful eating made fun by beautiful setting and well-prepared entress.

No. Sis wanted pizza.

Let me add here that one of my big trouble foods is pizza. I have been known to devour entire pies. It's a trigger food for binges. I haven't been ordering pizzas except from the healthy food delivery. They put chicken breast on it. It's ONE slice. It's got negligible sprinkling of low-fat cheese. It's got herbs for flavor.

But sis wanted pizza, so we went to the pizza place. I felt tension all the way there, I swear. The sweat of the damned dieter.

The pie was super-huge. It was like a mutant pie from Chernobyl.

Each slice was like two slices on a large pizza you'd get from, say, Dominos or Papa Johns. (I don't like the pizza from those delivery places, but that's for example.) I was the only one who ordered a salad. I got a Coke Zero and a bottle of water. I figured I'd fill up as much as I could on salad (it was a large one) and water. I did not touch the garlic rolls.

Well, I ate a whole slice. With a full cup and then some of mushrooms. (They are very generous with the toppings.)

I will say that in the past, I'd have had two slices of that ginormous pizza. At least. No kidding. So, there is some progress.

I was so pooped out, drained from the outing and the heat (Miami summer, humidity, sun, sun, sun) and the carbs that I crashed after getting home. Just crashed. Thought I'd take a nap. The nap turned into waking up at 6 am. Heh.

So, it could have been worse and it could have been better. Not rock bottom, not high-flying triumph.


What are your trigger foods? Does pizza make you nutty, too? Or is it something else?

It's Sunday. It's a new week. Grace abounds. Be good to yourself when you eat.

And be good to your spirit at all times.


Scale Junkie said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Today is a fresh start for both of us. I'm finding my focus and getting back on track, get back on track with me today!! We can beat this evil fire breathing dragon together!

*ccc* said...

I see pizza is making its rounds. Hubby wanted some today while he watched football. I haven't had any in AGES so I said, "sure."

Let's say my week just started and I'm all out of my WW "flex points"

Think of it this way though--you (and me!) got it out of our systems. Let's keep going, going, going.

(As for another trigger food for me--since you asked--chocolate chip cookie dough. You know the Pillsbury kind that's refrigerated and all you have to do is pull it apart and put it on a cookie sheet? Yeah, somehow, only like HALF of it gets into the oven. I'm pathetic with that stuff! Which is why I never, ever buy it anymore!)