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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pounds and Stones May Break My Bones...

I just found out--by using a conversion tool online--that at 280 lbs, I'm a round 20 stone.

I watch a lot of BBC/BBC-America--yes, I'm an Anglophile--and I had heard the term "stone" for a weighing measure, but never really knew the equivalent in lbs. (And, yeah, how lazy was it that I never looked it up?)

Now I know. A stone is 14 pounds (avoirdupois). So, 19 stone -- Caroline's goal for the new challenge-- is 266 lbs.

So, my ultimate goal weight would be 11.4 stone. My challenge goal weight would be 18.4 stone.

Cool. I learned something new today.


Zanitta said...

You should have asked me, I could have told you! Granted I'm in Japan right now, but I'm British I swear!
(please tell me you BBC America addiction has led you to watch Doctor Who; it would make you the perfect human being :) )

FatGirl said...

I am never very good with those conversion things.. I just found your blog through another person's I was reading.. I'm going to be linking you from mine! Great!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Zanitta, the new Doctor Who is TERRIFIC. I love it. (I never much cared for the older versions.) Both Chris Eccleston and David Tennant have been rocking my sci-fi world. And David Tennat is the BEST, absolute BEST, Doctor Who EVER. His boyish charm is infectious. I wanna pinch his cheeks.

Fatgirl, well, aren't you sweet. Thank you so much.

Mir, The Princess

Zanitta said...

hehhe, I KNOW! You just can't help but love the way he plays him, the impish, mischevious air that he's putting up deliberatly n an effort to hide the age, the knowledge. I love it so much! I bought the dvds with me, they were heavy but I didn't care.

How scary was the weeping angels episode though?!? o.O, proper old school doctor who scary.

Dee said...

I can't stand the fact that there are so many different measurments for weight.. lol. I grew up with kilograms, but I know live in the UK so (reluctantly) tried to get used to pounds and stone. Then I figured, while reading all these blogs, that in the US weight is often expressed entirely in lbs. Which sounds so much more shocking than kilograms because the number is so much larger.. LOL.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Dee, but when you lose weight, it seems like you're losing MORE if it's in pounds, not stones. :D

Of course, when I'm Empress, the measuring will be done in increments of 1 hundred. Then I'd just be 1.8 Mir units. :D

The Princess Mir