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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gobbling Goblin Lurks: Man, I'm Hungry!

For the first time since I restarted my eating plan, I feel very, very, very HUNGRY.

I don't think I ate enough yesterday, so I'm paying for it. Or maybe it's hormonal. Or maybe it's just...a mystery.

Whatever. Time to deal with it.

I had a high-protein SECOND breakfast (it's too early for lunch, so it's really breakfast number two) with some fiber just now in the hope that it will quell the persistent sense of emptiness: a cup of high-protein oatmeal and a small slice of egg-white and vegetable frittata. We're talking about 270 calories, but a solid dose of protein and some healthy fiber.

I'll go guzzle water and make some tea. Maybe by the time I'm done sipping my second cup, I won't have this head-buzzing, body-aggravating sense of a hole in my gut wanting to be filled up and up and up....

I'm also gonna go pray. If you're a praying sort, throw one up for me. I do NOT want to ruin my progress with a binge.


Fighting the good fight! (And it's tough.)


Lady T said...

done deal. prayed for your strength and encouragement. ;)

i had a 2nd breakfast myself this morning. salad. it was supposed to be part of my lunch but the fruit i had went bad so i didnt have anything for my snack bw breakfast and lunch.

Chubby Chick said...

Hey, girl. You are not alone. I've had a rough couple of days, too. I've been wanting to eat everything in sight. Thinking about all my blog buddies and re-reading comments and posts really helped me to keep on track, thank God. But it hasn't been easy.

Just hang in there. You are doing great so far. You can do this! :)