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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Princess is...A BLOGGING STAR!

Well, that's not an egotistical decree from the royal throne here. That's Chubby Chick's assessment. And I am cheered to bits and honored to accept.

I get to pass along the honor--hey, paying it forward is alive and well in blogdom!--and so, herewith, her royal highness, The Princess Dieter, bestows the grand blessing and title of BLOGGING STAR to the following two bloggers:

Lady T, who is pretty, has cheekbones to die for, is sassy, has lost oodles of weight, and who has the good taste to like "Shackles" by Mary, Mary. Plus, hey, she made a frittata that made my mouth water. She's also very honest about her diet foibles and her life journey booboos and her addiction to sherbet. Honesty is a virtue much admired in the the blogdom of Once Upon a Diet. Lady T--who already has an aristocratic title, so I needn't endow her with one--is a Blogging Star of the Diet Domain. Everyone, bow and curtsey toward her direction, please.

Zanitta, who has a smile that lights up her bloggy world and who has bravely ventured forth into adventurous travels to lands far and full of sodium. She is not foiled by the inability to read labels. She forges on, cooking with courage and trying new foods with good cheer. I bet she can face down a platter of sea urchin without gagging. (urp) Not even laundry disasters can knock her off her mighty steed. Plus, she's lost more weight than me. (bow, bow) I hereby dub thee, Lady Z, fair maiden of Albion and dieting travel guide to the Far East.

And if you want to see some other Blogging Stars, just visit my sidebar for Diet Blog Royalty. There they are...some of my faves--Teale, Andrea, CCC, Lady Rose (hey, she's got a title and all!), Flabuless, Pasta Queen, Heather of Setting Her Free, Lisa of the Skinny Online, Lyn who's escaping obesity, and on and on and on. Click the links and meet them--if you haven't already.

We're all blogging stars, BABY. We're all PRINCESSES!

Well, except for the guys. Um. You're princes. :)



Zanitta said...

aw, shucks *blush*

Thank you your highness.

Lady T said...

wow....i'm touched. really!
and now, i'm like, "dang! i should have been wittier in today's post!" i'll get all this extra "click by" traffic and i'm not even at my best today!


its all for the comments my dears. how i thrive on the comments.

Teale said...

We're all stars:)