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Monday, October 29, 2007

Five Days? Man, Time Flies!
Especially When You're Stuffing Your Face With Pizza and Italian Foods

Hubby has been taking it easy at home with me all weekend and today. Tomorrow, we're gonna go, weather permitting, to see the special exhibit of Goya art at the Freedom Tower in Miami. I loves me some my art!

So, really, man, I've been a bad Princess about posting. Life intruded. (And I'm not alone. Teale's life intruded, too.)

On the eating front: There must be a bug going around that got me and Lyn and Zanitta--thanks for checking on me, girl!--cause I wasn't so great Friday or Sunday. Friday, I had one of my trigger foods and I binged. Pizza! Italian! Same deal Sunday.

Here's what I had, and why I was a doubly bad Princess:

Friday--the band came over for music practice (hubby is a very, very good drummer and an okay bass player. He plays for the church band.) We ordered pizza for the hungry musicians, and I had THREE, yes, THREE slices. Well, 2 and 2/3, since I left some of the third on the plate. I had two servings of salad. I had two cups of pasta e fagiole soup with sprinkled parmesan on top. It was a cheesetravaganza of calories. And then I topped it off with a cup of Cherries Cordial frozen yogurt with 6 maraschino cherries. Eek.

Yes, that was a bona fide binge.

Saturday I was fine. Whew.

Sunday I had lasagna and chicken parmigiana and some salad with balsamic vinaigrette. And I had three cookies. And more frozen yogurt. Strawberry this time. But this time, half a cup, not a whole cup. No maraschino cherries.

Today, I've been fine.

Now, the scale isn't going down, but, thankfully, it hasn't gone UP. I was at 275.4 when I weighed in today. Just .2 lbs less than last Wednesday.

Thing is, even these deviations were not the all-out, insane, gluttonously sinful binges of the past.

No, really. I would have had four or five slices of pizza and a whole bunch of greasy garlic rolls and some cake or some other big-calorie sweet treat. I would have gorged on dressing, instead of measuring out and using lemon juice to expand. The fact that in neither case--Friday or Sunday--did I eat as much as I would have in the past or as much as I wanted to THOSE DAYS (yes, I wanted another slice of pizza. Yes, I wanted more lasagna. Yes, I wanted garlic rolls. Yes, I wanted tiramisu or chocolate cake or pie), is a small, but noticeable change. I simply did not let go. I still held SOME control.

I also made up for it with the next meal. I had the Pizza Splurge for lunch. For dinner, I kept to cereal with fruit.

On Sunday, I had just some crispbread crackers with light cheese and an apple for supper to make up for the cheesy Italian feastlet.

I consider those important to note. I didn't lose ALL control. :)

Today, I have some nice chicken breast with spinach and low-fat cheese in a high-fiber wrap ready for lunch. I have some lovely honeycrisp apples to satisfy a need to chew. I have cantaloupe for dessert.

Oh, and I tried this sugarless lemon curd that is so delicious with some almond butter on whole grain toast. It's like having a lemon tart, without the saturated fat or sugar. It's one of my new fave treats. It's very nice with some Almond Breeze (I love the chocolate, and I use the vanilla for smoothies with chocolate protein powder.)

But Zanitta and Chubby Chick are so right. Just having one day of being in control, good, sane about food is so satisfying. Especially after a couple not-so-great days.

I want to be better in the next few days, cause the PMS time will be here soon when hunger makes me a crazy fool. I need to habituate care in selection and ingestion so I'm not all whack come the bloaty heralds of the Red Guest.


Heather said...

I had a pizza incident as well!

I am glad that you had some control and are holding yourself accountable. I know youll move on from this and keep going.

Chubby Chick said...

I think it's important to realize than none of us are going to be perfectly "on plan" all the time. Life happens. Friends come over and we eat pizza from time to time. We give in to cravings from time to time. We're only human. We're going to fall down, but we're going to get back up again... just like you did! :)

honib1 said...

hey I can so relate to that.. i think the greatest is being able to prevent to over eating from becoming a binge.. I would not say you binged per say.. I would say you over ate.. binging involves not stopping.. you stopped.. ROCK ON!!

Me said...

I have noticed that when one of us doesn't do so well, neither do the others? hehe, maybe it's like persiods and we all sync up...

Mmm, lemon surd sounds good, I hgave no idea of they sell i here or not, I will have to check. I have been going the toast and marmalad route.

Man, now I'm craving lemon meringue pie. This is payback for the oreos post isn't it! ;)

Me said...

came back from the supermarket curdless, the savages. Though, it's probably for the best waist-wise.

Teale said...

Here I am playing catch up!

You know that you're making progress when you don't throw your whole day, or week, or month out the window because of one bad meal choice. That in itself is huge! We're going to have these struggles forever, and there will be more binges in the future--noone is perfect! But, we have to remember to learn from it & pick ourselves up & move on!