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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kimkins PR Person Lies Yet Again
& Former Kimkiners Offer Proof & Truth

In fine, old abuser slash tyrant tradition, the leadership at Kimkins is playing the "blame the victim" game.

Don't fall for it. See an "annotated" version of Tippy Toes' latest blame-someone-other-than-Heidi post.

Becky and Christin have responded with facts (not propaganda). Some on the LCF forum have discussed the issue as well. They all give testimony about how they ate at dangerously low caloric levels on the specific encouragement and advice of Kimmer/Heidi, with assurances that it was safe, misleading medical study information, etc. The whole cheerleading, the "I did it and am an expert" set-up. The twisting of studies. The berating of those who didn't toe the line. The pats on the back to those who did.

Tippy Toes gets paid to lie. Becky and Christian get not one penny...to tell their true stories. And back it up with records (their FitDay screenshots and their copies of communications from Kimmer herself.)

Follow the money.

I know who I do and do not believe. I believe the people not being paid to make Kimkins look good. The ones with historical evidence of posts, emails, etc. The ones with, ahem, PROOF.

I also trust the ones who admit they were foolish and trusting, bare their souls and lives, and show concern for the health of others. The ones not holding back from seeming like dupes to the world, because it may lead to saving someone's health, maybe life.

I do not trust the ones who only care about themselves and their wallets. I trust the ones who are praying for their "enemies" and speaking the truth in love.

I don't trust liars who have been proven to have issues email threats in order to hush the truth. I don't trust those who cover up by getting rid of old posts, who tweak the real authentic Kimkins diets so that they seem less dangerous, who delete deceptive content from web pages in a whitewashing effort, who take on different personae to fool members with dummy posts, and who keep taking money from a credibly accused woman peddling a dangerous diet.

I trust the ones weeping. The ones holding out their arms and saying, "Please, don't hurt yourself. Please, research and free your mind."

While this is hyperbolic and verges on cliche, I do have one word for Tippy, the name of a historical personage who made a bad guy look good. But hyperbole is one way to try and educate and teach. A shock tactic even the Son of God used in various sermons. So...Tippy...One word: Goebbels. Not a good role model, Tipster. Learn from the hyperbole and cease being the Propaganda Minister of Kimkins.

The Princess is here. ....Still waiting for Heidi/Kimmer to come out of her Heidi-hole and show us her 120 pound bod in the red dress.

"If the red dress doesn't fit, you mustn't acquit."

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