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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Scale Tale: Checking in for the Challenge

Well, it's been a less than ideal eating week in the interval for the LOOK GREAT IN 2008 CHALLENGE. I only stayed ON PLAN three out of the seven days. Most days, I went over plan by a minimum of 200 calories. One day, it went way beyond. (Owsie on that pint of chocolate yogurt.)

But today, I log for the weigh-in (that I forgot yesterday):

Mr Tanita says... 280.4

Bleh. I've been lower. But last challenge weigh-in was 282.4

That makes a 2 pound recorded change downwards for the challenge.

I hope next week weeks me at 278. Please, please, please.

What else to report:

Still food journaling (that's how I know how badly I did those 4 days). Still not exercising formally.

But I did fit into a swimsuit a size down today. I'm wearing it as I type. It's black and bright orange (like Baywatch orange) and it fits. I'm astounded. I thought I'd have to lose another 10 lbs. And my hairdresser noticed the change. I said, "What, you really notice?" And she says, "Oh, definitely. I can tell you've lost." She said this BEFORE I mentioned I was dieting. :)

I can feel the looseness in my jeans and I've got a few more tops to throw out cause they're too baggy. I dunno why. And some bras don't fit anymore. The last hook is still too loose. :) I haven't lost that much more in the last couple weeks, but the body is doing something. It's confusing, but I like it.

Tonight I'm going to read a few chapters from books on emotional eating. After a couple days of doing that, I put the brakes on it yesterday. Now, I need to get myself some strategies. I'll post anything really good I find.

How is everyone doing this week? I need to catch up with y'all!

My continued thanks for the encouragement and prayers for my friend, Y, and her hubby L. And may God bless all of you richly with health and peace of mind and hope.

Hubby comes back from a business trip tonight, so I'm happy, happy, happy.



Heather said...

thats awesome about the bathing suit! bathing suits are my nightmare! Im glad you are seeing results, and congrats on the 2 pound loss!

Mama Bear June said...

2 pounds down is AWESOME! And body changes are good, too! Congrats on a great week. Don't be too hard on yourself.
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