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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dragonfire Factoid: Diabulimia--An Extremely Dangerous Way for Diabetics To Lose Weight

One expert who has studied diabulimia estimates that 450,000 Type 1 diabetic women in the United States -- one-third of the total -- have skipped or shortchanged their insulin to lose weight and are risking a coma and an early death.
--from "Diabetic Girls Skipping Insulin to Lose Weight"

And it's a problem in the UK, too:

{A}n estimated 5,000, or one diabetic woman in three, under the age of 30, skips insulin injections. Up to 3,000 of them are thought to be teenage girls. The practice is called diabulimia and it puts them at risk of coma, blindness, heart disease and kidney and nerve damage.
--from "Diabulimia: The New Threat"



Heather said...

That is scary...I have heard about that..girls not taking their insulin so they lose weight. The things people do

Teale said...

I guess I don't understand how skipping insulin makes them lose weight... when my mom forgets her insulin, her sugar goes sky high, but as far as losing weight, that's never happened for her. I guess I'd need to read more about it to understand.