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Monday, October 1, 2007

Read "Kimkins: The Perfect Storm Part 3"
Plus Other Updates on the Kimkins Fight

Becky has added a third post to her excellent expose and cautionary series called "Kimkins: The Perfect Storm."

I encourage anyone who has ever tried crash diets, or who is tempted to try a dangerous VLCD, or who has suffered ill effects from such diets, but can't break the desire to try them again---read her journey and warnings. Start with part one. She's done a clear, mature job of laying out the perils of Kimkins and similar diets and situations.

More on the Kimkins Fight Front:

~~Tippy, the Kimkins P.R. person (though I'm tempted to use a less flatterng term), has called the anti-Kimkins fight a terrorist activity. Uh-huh. Clearly, Tippy has lost all sense of proportion. That's what happens when you're living in a gulag where you're paid to be the warden. Listen closely, Tips: Whistle-blowing and warning people away from dangerous diets is not terrorism. It's benevolence and caring for one's neighbor, for their well-being. We dieters need to watch out for each other. It's not about maintaining the income flow. It's about getting healthy and helping others get healthy. What YOU, Tippy, are doing is not benevolent. It's not looking out for your neighbor. It's looking out for the bottom line. It's self-serving and aiding and abetting a way of eating and a way of controlling and a way of scamming that is loathsome. Tippy, think long and hard. Resign. Give up the money and save your soul...or at least your ethics. And while you ponder, READ THIS to find out what terrorism actually is.

~~Site changes at Kimkins dot com show that there is yet more scrubbing that has taken place. Reports are that the fake Kimmer claim of losing 198 pounds in 11 months and phony after photo (ie, the infamous red dress shot) have been removed. I wonder how Tippy defends that little action.

~~Kimkins site, it has been reported today, is displaying an old People magazine cover touting a cover model as a Kimkins success. Never mind that this same model/success story attributes her success to Atkins, with only a minor detour through Kimkins. The dieter, Mary Smith, is not a Kimkins advocate, and she's on record as being miffed at having a minor mention of Kimkins being blown out of proportion. Heidi's misuse of dieter stories continues, we see.

~~Bannings continue for little to no good reason. One recently banned Kimkins paying member hadn't even posted. Just got banned for, I suppose, speaking against Kimmkins OUTSIDE of the Kimkins site. Hmmm. How's that for oppressive moderation? On the plus side: Banned members now have a cute avatar on LCF forum, proudly displaying their Kimkins-banned status in bright yellow--the color of duckies, no less.

~~A prayer thread for Heidi exists at Jimmy Moore's low carb forum. I wonder how many "hate groups" pray for their target, huh, Dippy Tippy? (As a mixed-race Hispanic, I can tell Tippy a thing or two about hate speech and hate actions, in case she's not really had real-life experience regarding that. She might need a clue.)

~~For the latest updates, visit Kimkins Exposed or THE TRUTH STARTS HERE or see my sidebar, way down, where I've posted links.

~~Other Kimkins Fight Front blogs are posting on organizations you can contact to get this dangerous diet's iffy founder properly investigated. Feel free to add your voice. And if you know any reporters eager to do a story that mixes good old love of money, abuse of power, diet fraud, groupthink, eating disorders (and their propagation), and the general weight loss and health angles, well, you might want to ask them to look into this. If you're real good chums with someone at 20/20 or DATELINE NBC or, shoot, Tyra Banks, put in the good word.



Mimi said...

Just wanted to say, I've really enjoyed reading your comment at the various Anti-Kimkins blogs! Intelligent, witty, and thought-provoking!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Aw, thanks, Miz Mimi :)

The Princess

Chubby Chick said...

The more I hear about Kimkins and her crazy, mixed up entourage... the more it starts to sound like a freaking cult to me! Scary!!!