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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Overeating Ogre: Where, oh, where has my normal appetite gone? Where, oh, where can she be?

Overeating Ogre scores, and he brought his magenta-skinned cousin to play, too:

I've had a bad couple days. The weekened, mainly Saturday at a family birthday party (yes, another), and Monday.

Saturday was weird. I took fruit, took low-fat and fat-free yogurt. Ate really well. Even allowed a piece of cake in my calorie count. I left the party with about 2 WW points left for an evening treat.

I was sleepy. Tired. On the drive home. And, bam, everything went berserk and I ended up eating way over my calorie count. Can we say a total of about 69 WW points? (Yes, I see you all shuddering!)

What is it with tiredness and appetite? Shouldn't I just fall asleep? Why do I get hungry when I'm tired or didn't sleep enough?

Sunday and Monday were high appetite days. I don't know why. Maybe the same deal--sleep disturbances due to a lot of nightmares hitting me Saturday night. I don't doubt the heavy dinner may have fueled those bad dreams. Sunday I was just totally not rested, and that made me want to nosh all day. I went 9 points over my day's allowance. Better than Saturday, but no cigar.

Monday, I simply acknowledged that I was in a hungry phase, and made really healthful choices in how to feed the monster--I ate very high fiber, high nutrient. I went 9 points over my allowance yet again, but I chose better foods: vegetables, low-fat cheese, fruit, whole grains, egg whites. No repeat of bad foods like Saturday night, when I had three servings of sour cream and cheddar potato chips, baked, with the roast beef sandwich and hash browns (fried). Oh, the horror of empty carbs and excess salt! I ate about 77 grams of fiber yesterday. No, that's not a typo. Seventy-seven. 70 plus 7. I did that on purpose, hoping it would nip an all-out binge.

Slept slightly better than the weekend, but still feel icky. I may have to cave and go for a sleep study. Don't wanna.

My goal is to just hold the line this week. Just hold on and not go insane.

I stabilized after the stomach flu at 275.8. But the weekend badness had me weighing in at 276.8 yesterday. Today was 276.4. So, I'm up 3/5's of a pound.

Ain't giving up. And I will get through this. If I have to start taking afternoon naps, I'll take naps! Besides, I know my history. I went through similar things in the 280s and 290s. I will just battle it out with my body and appetite, and eventually, I will be in the 260s and 250s. It will come. And new battles, too.

Hope y'all are doing very well this week, better than me.


honib1 said...

hang in there .. u are doing great.. dont get to upset with yourself when the hungries strike.. remember we all deal with that from time to time.. try and do things that distract you.. and be sure you are getting in all your water.. you might simply be thirsty too.. I always drink before I eat...

Princess Dieter said...

Yeah, I've been building that "drink 2-4 glasses of water" as I prepare/heat a meal. It really does help. I occasionally forget, but I'm trying to make it a firm habit. Am heating up a chicken and spinach wrap now, and I just drank two cups of water and one cup veggie juice. :)

The Princess

Heather said...

dont worry, we all go through phases like this. I still think its great you are counting every point and still being accountable for what you put in your body. Its when we totally stop counting, or paying attention to what we eat that we really lose our way.

HoneyBee said...

Hi Princess,
I am sorry you had a visit from the Overeating Ogre and he brought family no less!!
It sounds like you are just getting over an illness and that makes us all want to reach for "comfort foods" which for most are in the form of carbohydrates and you know how that sets off the Ogres! I do the same thing when I am PMSing, not feeling well or even if my mood is a little depressed. All of those situations have the potential to make me search my pantry for some frivolous carbohydrates as I retreat to lick my wounds. Hang in there and give yourself a few days to get back on your feet.
The fiber sounds like a wise idea and maybe even try a protein shake to get you back on track.
Take care and don't send that Ogre my way when you kick him out!

Teale said...

A lot of times when we feel hungry, it's really our body needing fluid. Drinking a big glass of water & chewing a piece of gum or eating a couple sugar free hard candies nips my "fake" hunger in the bud most of the time. If I'm still hungry 15 minutes after drinking 8 oz of water & having my hard candy, then I'll have a small snack.

You'll get out of your hunger stage, you've just gotta find ways to occupy yourself when you *think* you're hungry!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hah. About the gun: Went through a whole pack of Sugar-Free EXTRA bubble gum in the last two days. :)

The Princess<--whose TMJ is gonna act up if'n I keep with the gum

Lisa said...

Talking about it, blogging about it, helps to keep the ogre manageable IMHO. It's also powerful to read other people's experiences. Thanks for sharing yours with us!