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Saturday, October 6, 2007

BINGO! Red Dress Pic Found and It's Another Russian Bride for Kimkins

It was exciting over at the LCF forum in the late night and wee hours. BuzzyBee found the red dress pic, and, yes, like the other pics of success stories (fake) and the leopard shirt pic for Kimmer (fake), the red dress woman is a foreign bride candidate by the name of Lesya. Here she is:

Click the photo to go to the actual site where the photo was found.

Soon after the picture was discovered, a couple of intreped LCF forum folks carpet-bombed the Kimkins site with posts linking to the pics and linking to exposes. Since the Kimkins administrators took a while to notice and ban the enthusiastic "outers", some people got to see the evidence. We hope they leave Kimkins soon.

What made the use of this photo particularly heinous (aside from stealing another woman's image for her own), was that Heidi/Kimmer had even concocted a story about the photo shoot, and how she was so shy she needed wine to get through it. The screen shot of one of her posts about this red dress pic:

The text on the post dated May 30, 2007 says:

People kept bugging me for a new pic--what else is new? My teen son took the old photo on our patio. With the new website, our PR Director, Nicole, said a new picture was needed. So, here it is. But it's the last...so commit to memory!

Notice the filter lens, strategic stretching, twisting and turning. Hides a lot, LOL. So do bribes to the photographer.

The reference to the patio pic is to one that hasn't been located. It looks nothing like Heidi/Kimmer's before pic, and looks a lot like a catalog shot for women's clothing. Some are searching on, I bet. Whether it's found or not, it is certainly another fake after pic. It doesn't take a brainiac to make that assumption.

I can relax now. I was so eager for that pic to be found and Kimkins' main image to be shown to be false. It has been.

How you like them RED apples, Heidi/Kimmer?

Note: Feel free to visit the LCF blog where HoneyBee2 (who I dubbed Baroness BusyBee) has put information on all the fakes found.

And I'd like to share the cute badge that GinaC on the LCF forum made for me. (Lots of different ones based on whether they were Russian Brides Division, Undercover, Special Ops, Fraud Squad, etc.) I decided that, being a princess and all, I should be the Royal Liaison. :) We are "hater detectives" cause that's what one of the Kimkinettes called us--you know, saying we're "haters" and "detectives" trying to uncover dirt. So, we used their pejorative and made fun with it. Behold:

More Good News: hubby is home, and I have been on plan. I also got 12 hours sleep yesterday. I needed it. So, for now... It's all good!

Happy Weekend, fellow fatfighters. Talk to y'all soon.

Edited to add: One Anti-Kimkins Blogger (the wackiest by far) has been delighted with the discovery of the "Russian Brides". Read the latest from Borat Does Kimkins. And be sure to take a very, very close look at the women in his group shot. :)


Lisa said...

Nice bit of sleuthing! Great job outing the fakes. You are the genuine article, baby!

Chubby Chick said...

OMG! Another Russian bride! lol I can't believe it. This is total insanity!

Have a great weekend! :)

Lady T said...

you get so giddy with this dont you??? lol! your enthusiasm soaks the web.

i hope that this has saved a few more lives if not all of them.

Zanitta said...

I knew someone would track it down eventually :)

Re: My site, I tried the fonts in different colours and it all looked kind of fugly so I've had to leave it white. Sorry if it's a little hard to read. When I change the layout next time I'll keep that in mind though.

Zanitta said...

sorry, one more thing. Has anyone done a close up thing of the red dress pic to see if the eyes are still a weird triangle? or to get the colour match for the kimkins one?

Scale Junkie said...

I was so happy when they found the photo! I think there was so much excitement over it caused the crash at LCF BBS on Saturday LOL. If she would have worked half as hard at dieting as she did spinning lies and trying to play different characters on her website, she would be a hell of a lot thinner by now! She is probably sitting in Mexico by now with her scammed money. Kudos to the LCF super spies!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Zanitta, the weirdness was from enlargment distortion, says a al who's hubby is a graphics expert. And since we found the originals, and the eyes are fine in the original shot, it was probably from the copies, enlargements, etc.

Man, I'm feeling draggy today...I need a nap.

Thanks all for dropping by and for those who posted on the fraud, thanks for spreading the word.

The Princess