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Friday, October 12, 2007

Adding Health To Your Holiday Gift-Giving

I, The Princess Dieter, subscribe to various health/wellness/diet newsletters that are offered online for FREE. It's part of my "stay motivated" plan. Those tidbits in my mailbox can keep me focused on the right things, ya know?

One I get is sent out by the Duke Diet and Fitness program. Today's email newsletter from them recommends buying gifts that encourage a more healthful lifestyle.

Considering how close we are to the big, old, gift-buying season--Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa--I thought that I'd pass their suggestions along for you early shoppers. If you have loved ones who are overweight or unfit, well, maybe some of the following should be on your holiday shopping list--and mine, too:

Healthy gifts include those that make it easier to eat well, exercise regularly (whether indoors or outdoors), or reduce stress. Consider these ideas:

Exercise videos or equipment
A meditation or self-awareness CD
Workout clothing
An assortment of herbal teas and a teapot
Gift certificates for a spa treat such as a massage or pedicure
Tickets to a concert or play
A sports watch with a stopwatch
A pedometer
A colorful water bottle to take to workouts
A yoga mat with a gift certificate to a yoga class
A countertop grill or steamer
A juicer
A backpack or gym bag
A basket of fresh fruit
A portable music player
A soothing tabletop fountain
Aromatherapy bath products
A cookbook featuring healthy fare
An all-weather jacket
Maps of hiking trails, or guidebooks to the outdoors
A subscription to a fitness or health magazine


1 comment:

Teale said...

I think you have to be VERY careful with these kinds of gifts. These are things I'd like to get because I am trying to do something about my weight, and love the encouragement from others.... however, if I had an overweight friend that wasn't actively trying to become healthy, giving a gift like this is SURE to offend! I know that if I was living my "old" life, and someone got me an exercise video or health magazine, I would have had my feelings hurt.