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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Meme of Fours

Four Things I've Never Done:

~~Traveled outside of the Eastern time zone
~~Dyed my hair an outrageous color
~~Sucessfully reached goal weight on a diet
~~Enjoyed a sailboat ride

Four Things I've learned in the last year:

~~I have become way, way too reclusive
~~I have become really selfish, and I don't wanna be
~~I am actually, maybe capable of writing a publishable novel
~~I am actually, maybe a pretty decent poet

Four Jobs I'd Love But Will Probably Never Have:

~~Biblical archaeologist
~~feature film director
~~Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan

Four Jobs I've Actually Had:

~~credit analyst
~~administrative assistant to prison chaplain
~~medical records abstractor/coder

Hat tip to Chubby Chick for the meme


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