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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Princess is Having a Hard Week

Yesterday, my husband went out of town on a business trip. That's always tough for me. But I got some really bad news yesterday as I was saying "bye" to hubby. It was about a friend from my old church who moved out of town a couple years ago. Her cancer recurred. She went under the knife yesterday.

I got in an emotional muddle and downed an entire pint of chocolate yogurt.

I spent about an hour weeping and praying.

Cancer sucks.

They're also having financial woes, which they kept mostly to themselves. We all know how that adds to the stress of illness. How it can ruin one's ability to think positively and focus on wellness.

Well, we're aware now of their hardship, bill-paying-wise. The church family is collecting money--and the Princess is writing a juicy check to help-- and I believe it will be sorted out. (Her hubby had a stroke earlier in the year, and he hasn't been able to work and earn as he did at previous times. They were never affluent, but, hey, both parents down with bad conditions wreaks havoc on the budget.) I know it will be okay, because back when their daughter had to have some delicate brain surgery for a hugely rare condition (that only like a couple hundred poeple in the US have), the church collected so much that they ended up paying nearly nothing for their weeks out of town for hotels, rental cars, food, plane tickets, etc. All was covered by donations.

You ever met people who are just so good you couldn't point out a flaw?
Well, that's this family. The parents are great--giving, merciful, helpful, unselfish, tireless workers, faithful, loyal, cheerful. The kids are great--no bad behavior, no disrespect, no partying or wild life. It's just a solid, American, Christian family that tries to do good to anyone around them who needs a hand. Always. Much better folks than the Princess. I am so full of flaws, I would get a cramp trying to type them all.
Even now, with all that is going on, they haven't caved to bitterness or darkness. They keep the faith.

So, this is a case of bad things happening to good, good, GOOD people. And it makes me exhausted with the pain of it.

Today, I've stayed--so far--on plan. Not the trainwreck of sugar and salt and calories like yesterday's emotional blow-out.

If you are a praying sort of person, please pray for my friend and her hubby. I'll use initial: Y is my pal, and L is her husband. Their kids are J and L. All four of them could use supernatural help--healing of body and budget.

Thanks. I think I need to go shed a few more tears and say another prayer.


Anonymous said...

You've got it Princess-name it and claim it, ask and BELIEVE you have already received. We are children of the King; He is the owner of all we see, the giver of all good gifts. Keep me posted on your friends, and their blessings.

Zanitta said...

Sorry to hear they And you) are having such a hard time, I hope things get easier for both of you.

Dee said...

So sorry to hear about your friends' situation. I hope things improve and the operation went well for her.
Thinking of you and them as well.

Scale Junkie said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer does SUCK! It touches the lives of so many. I have a dear friend whose hubby has been battling a rare form for 2 years and needs to find a donor for a second transplant attempt. It has wiped out their life savings. How sad that in a country of wealth like ours, people have to sacrifice so much of their lives when they are fighting for their lives. Prayers for your friends and for your hubby to have a safe trip and come home to you soon!

Heather said...

I am sorry that things seem to be down for you, but I am sure they will get better. Dont worry, I too drown my sorrows in some sort of bad comfort food. let yourself be depressed/upset/etc for a few days, and then shake yourself off!