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Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh, my! Oh, yum! And 100 calories...whoo!

If you're one of those folks who avoids 100 calorie snack packs cause you can't just have one, skip these. Seriously. Skip em.

If you use those 100 calorie packs as your special treat for a bag lunch or with your coffee or tea time at home, then listen up: Newtons fruit crisps rock like nobody's business!!!

I tried the apple cinnamon one, and they are AMAZING. It's like having a crispy apple pie, only much less fat and fewer calories. Delicious.

I love to have something sweet with my afternoon tea and protein, and fruit doesn't always cut it. These do. With tea or coffee, it feels positively self-indulgent. And you get two really good-sized crisps (like 4 inches long) in each pack, 50 calories each. (If you have great self-control, you can have one and it's really a nice fruity/cookie-ish treat.)

Mmmm. Thanks Newtons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to try these. I love to have a treat with my coffee or a cup of chocolate soymilk and these sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...

SO tell me how you really feel? LOL

Sounds like you like 'em! Gotta try 'em. Thanks for the tip! =)

Chubby Chick said...

These sound really good. I may just have to try them!

My favorite 100-calorie snack is the 100-calorie bags of microwave popcorn. Yum! I can eat them and not feel like I'm on a diet... and they really fill me up. I eat a bag almost every day. lol

Dawnn said...

I couldn't agree more! i tried them and they are amazing the best not-so-bad-for-you dessert

Lora said...

I might have to go uot and buy some of those!

LJ said...

OH MY GOSH these look DELICIOUS!!!!!!!