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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checklist for Fatfighters

Did you drink lots of water this morning?
Are you drinking lots of water this PM?

Did you exercise at least 20 minutes?
Did you stretch and breathe deeply?
Did you stop and consider your goals?
Did you weigh in and write it down or blog it?
Were you accountable to your diet buddy(ies)?

Did you eat a satisfying, diet-friendly breakfast?
Did you get enough protein in breakfast and lunch?
Did you include veggies/fruits with every meal?
Did you avoid refined carbohydrates?
Are you getting enough fiber to fill you up?
Did you plan a healthful, diet-friendly supper?

Did you tell yourself positive words to self-encourage?
Did you say something encouraging to another fatfighter?
Did you read an informative article online or in a magazine or a chapter in a book to increase your knowledge of nutrition or exercise or about emotional and psychological issues that affect weight loss?

Did you tap into your spiritual support (if you have one)by praying, meditating, reading holy writ, or uttering praises?
Did you do something kind to yourself today, even if it's just forgiving yourself for a mistake?
Did you deny yourself some treat for the sake of your health?

Did you remember to be thankful for all the people and things in your life that are good and beneficial and joyful and nurturing and pleasurable and supportive and beautiful?


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