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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day and New Blogs To Read

Happy Canada Day to all the Canucks out there! Now that hubby works for a Canadian tech company, well, I guess he'll keep me abreast of Canadian holidays. :D

For those wanting more fatfighter blog links, I happened upon a couple new enjoyable ones out there:

Thinking Thin--who's struggling like so many of us
A New Decade--with Manuela at the helm
Weight Loss Guru
Marc--who I'm sure wouldn't mind y'all coming by to encourage him as he starts anew
Shanna at Battle of the Bulge 2008, who's sore, like me.

Remember that if you look down my sidebar (at left), going down past the Royal Toolbox and the Magic Links, you'll come to my list of Diet Blog Royalty. Check 'em out!

And for those who are struggling to stay on/get back on the healthful eating/exercising wagon, read the June 27th entry from Diet Girl.


K. said...

Hey Hey,
Meant to tell you a while back that I regularly visit your blog and have linked you to mine. hope you stop by some time. take care,

weightlossguru said...

Hey, thanks for the link :)