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Sunday, July 6, 2008

An Epiphany About Numbers

Most of us have our "ideal" number (the weight we'd love to be if a genie granted us our wish) and our "goal" number (the healthy number we'd like to get to, even if it's not thin-thin). Sometimes, we also have to learn, by experience and trial and error, that we can get to a happy weight that is neither the ideal nor the goal weight we originally envisioned. And it can still work.

Jennette of Half of Me has gotten to and, most importantly, accepted her happy weight:

When I started this journey back in...the stone ages? The bronze age? Okay, maybe it was just 2005. I set 160 as my goal weight because I wanted a number to aim for, 160 fell in the "normal" BMI range and it ended in a 0. Since June of 2007, I've been hovering below or above 180. Sometimes I've been really psyched to get to 160, charting out how many months it will take if I lose a pound every week. Sometimes I've looked at 175 on the scale in the morning and thought, "I'll have a chocolate ├ęclair for breakfast!"

So, let's scratch out that "160" next to my goal weight because I. AM. DONE. 180 is my happy weight. I can run 3 miles without stopping. I can buy normal clothes. My health is pretty damn good, most things considered. My weight is not the first thing people notice about me...unless I'm walking into a book signing. Life is good and I haven't given a shit about getting to 160 for months

Yay for Jennette!

(Coincidentally, that "160" is my goal weight, too. It is a sobering observation that my weight goal is one that would send most women howling wildly to grab diet pills if they saw it on their scales, especially women in Hollywood or South Beach!)

I, being not at all close to my happy number, goal number ideal number (and etc), should never ever get on a scale the day after eating Chinese food. I should learn this lesson by now. It's fricken scary.


Heather said...

this is a great post because it is so very true. It also works in reverse too, where the number you thought you wanted to get to really isnt the right number either. my goal weight used to be 180 and that was just never right for me. neither was 160, although I sure as heck am not complaining about being at it either. But I do think 160 is my happy weight because I am happy here.

Kate said...

I have three weights:
my dream weight, goal weight, and "happy weight" my "happy weight" isn't where I'm happy, it's that point I'd be happy to have reached. There's a 40 lb spread between those weights.

I'll shoot for my dream weight, knowing that it may not be possible, or could be unpleasantly difficult to maintain. My goal weight is, I believe, the most reasonable, but the happy weight is my comfort zone in case I don't quiet reach that goal.

Shanna said...

I feel your pain with the Chinese food! Chinese is my absolute favorite, BUT (and thats a big butt *wink*) everything I like is fried, which mean no more chinese for me =( SUCKS!