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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh, Lawdy! Pilates Farting!

Yes, you read that subject heading right.

During my second private training session today, during a particularly brutal abdominal exercise, I tooted.

Sorry. Embarrassing.

Fortunately, NOT stinky. I'd had organic scrambled eggs on organic pita with home-made fresh organic watermelon juice for breakfast, low-fat cream of mushroom soup (from Shape Lovers) with extra organic crimini mushrooms and a pear and a low-fat, sugar free pudding-y dessert for lunch. I didn't eat for 3 hours before class (afraid of reflux, frankly, during those flat on my back moves).

I didn't think about the other exit. Ahem.

Out of curiosity, I googled "Pilates fart" and there were lots of hits. Even YouTube.com has an entry. One instructor has some interesting posts on how to avoid passing gas by 1. avoiding specific foods prior to class and 2. concentrating on doing the abdominal moves precisely, correctly. Trust me. Gonna read those several times. :)

But the one that really cracked me up was this practitioner's report of a work-out post-burrito munching. It's hilarious.

Yes, I am definitely not alone in these embarrassing moments.

My thanks to Liza (my trainer) for being so reassuring about it, so that my social discomfort was blessedly brief.

Again, the session was tough, and one position was simply impossible in the normal manner due to my big belly, so it was modified (instead of pulling legs up straight, I parted my knees and brought them up more spread apart). The modification helped immensely.

It's also evident my balance sucks. I expect that to improve.

I did have that awkward feeling when I first walked in and everyone was slim and the client ahead of me training with Liza was all-out stunningly gorgeous. (Professional model, I was told when I mentioned how lovely she was.) Willowy, a perfect face with prominent cheekbones. I felt like a mangy, fat, old sow.

I know, that's really negative. but I did.

Still, my trainer kept me going and she was great and I paid in advance for 11 more sessions, three times a week.


Heather said...

lol oh I definitely have been there. I was lifting weights one night and obviously was straining myself and let out a giant fart. so embarrassing, but hey, what are you gonna do!?

The Better Idiot said...

lol! Sorry, I shouldn't laugh but that is so funny! Wow, I'd hate to have the professional model go before me, talk about worst fears!

Anonymous said...

Awww...LOL! Thats sounds like something that would happen to me, for sure! =)