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Friday, July 25, 2008

New Fave Pre-Workout Snack

I've never been a total afficionado of STARBUCKS, although I have experienced an occasional weakness for the caramel machiatto, grande size, 4 WW points, and the skinny cinnamon dolce latte, 3 WW points. I also have found my way to consuming their yumsy scones and pound cakes (the lemon is to die for). Don't wanna know the points! But I easily went weeks, even months, without paying them a visit. (Even though there are three relatively close, one of them two minutes away.) I tended to go in spurts--craving latte or macchiato for, say, three weeks, then that was it.

However, I've found their new Vivanno specialty drink in the Banana Chocolate Blend to be a real help for my workouts. I noticed that when taken as my lite meal BEFORE Pilates, that it eliminated my cramping issues. (I've had cramping every class except the one today when I drank a Vivanno with espresso pre-exercise to get the protein/carbs and caffeine that helps one during exertion and is good for my asthma.)

Must be the potassium (milk, banana).

The cocoa powder is just adding pure pleasure.

There's a Starbucks right below the Pilates studio, so that sure simplifies things. (Except it's costly, and I'm supposed to be cutting back for my motivational weight loss REWARDS!)

I drank it as my breakfast protein/fiber source, since I'm out of eggs until I get my groceries. Now I think I'm gonna make it a pre-Pilates staple and make it at home (non-fat milk, banana, bittersweet cocoa, whey protein with fiber, ice--that's the ingredients--then add a shot of espresso or drink that on the side.)

The nutritional stats:

Standard version, with 2% milk (5 WW points):
270 calories
2.5 of saturated fat
21 grams of protein
6 grams of fiber
28 grams of sugars

If you sub non-fat milk, it's gonna be 4 WW points, since you eliminate all but .5 grams of fat.

This new offering is a winner for me. Thanks, Starbucks.

Note: I'm not as thrilled about the Mango-Orange-Banana one, but it's sweeter and that might appeal to some who find the Chocolate Banana's sweetness too restrained.


1 comment:

butterfly said...

OMG this looks soooo delicious!! I can't wait for these to be available at the Starbucks in Montreal. Looks sooo yum and would be a great meal substitute!

Thank you for posting that!