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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Healthy Eating Mindset

Lyn has a terrific post today. Read it.

I'm still not squarely into the mindset I want (ie, the healthy eating one), but I'd say I'm halfway there. I say this because I've felt calmer this year about food than I have in years. I've pretty much been maintaining, but I notice a difference in how I react and feel. So, I'm moving toward that calm beach that Lyn talks about so beautifully.

Some of us get to the calm beach faster than others. Clearly, I'm a lollygagger. But I do feel it, and am aware of how both hubby and I have gravitated toward healthier eating with much more naturalness than before.

I still have binge days. I still have huge temptations, but they don't seem to be as huge as before. I mean, the mere SIZE and FREQUENCY has changed, and the satisfaction is nowhere near the same.

When I shop for groceries now, my shopping cart (or delivery coolers) hold mostly produce and low-fat dairy, much fewer processed foods and sometimes nothing that counts as "empty calories." Portion control continues to be my weak spot. My choices of food itself--greens, brown rice, fresh fruits, low-fat treats, sprouted whole grain breads, lean proteins, low-fat to fat free dairy, omega-rich eggs, organic and humane foods, more raw foods, nuts, seeds--has improved dramatically in the past year.

The biggest difference has been home-centered meals. We used to eat out or get take-out every day. No kidding. We spent a fortune eating out. We could have bought 2 cars, cash, for what we spent eating out. Now, I spend a lot on organic groceries, but I cook it at home, have leftovers, have lunch for hubby to brown-bag, have one diet meal delivered 4 to 5 days a week for myself, and it's still less than eating out. And much more "thought out." I can control the fat. I avoid frying. I can control salt. I can double up on veggies. I can make sure hubby makes it to his minimum 5 fruits/veggies. I aim for anywhere from 8 to 10, and am happiest when I have 11 or 12, frankly. (Makes for wonderful, non-stinky regularity in the loo when I surpass 9 f/v's. TMI?)

I consider this considerable progress from the previous two decades. It's been a gradual, subtle, gentle, and ongoing trek, with occasional setbacks. But I feel the change. And I noticed the power of food when I got my sugar down 20 points just by making dietary changes without drugs or even weight loss (other than a couple pounds). Food is potent. Food choices make for physical alterations.

So, gradual progress toward a healthy mindset--it's all good.

I'll take it.

I look forward to the days when those healthy mindset days are the norm and food is nothing to think about unduly.



Anonymous said...

Double Amen!! =)

Food/Nurtrition is defitely my weakspot too! I love bread, pasta, rice and all the high carb foods, not to mention my sweet indulgences!! One of my major accomplishments, if you can believe it, I haven't been to Starbucks in over 2 months!!! No Chocolate Chip Fraps w/whip for me!

MizFit said...

and I so believe that you can do it.
for some of us it takes LONGER to make it the norm (waves hand in air)---but eventually it happens without us realizing it until we SUDDENLY DO!


Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, no. She mentioned a chocolate chip frap.

My weakness is the caramel machiatto. And those scones. Oh, Lawdy!

MizFit, I do believe we'll get there. Each journey is just different. We're not all clones. :)

The Princess

Heather said...

some days its definitely harder than others, and trust me, those feelings to fall into an unhealthy or diet mindset do pop up (at least for me) and probably always will. but it sounds like you are starting to find that balance and know what works for you and what will help you succeed.